Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Proof Obama, DNC, Media Complex Exists, As Conspiracy To Kill Rev. Wright Story Is Exposed

If anyone still has doubts that the so-called "mainstream news media" (aka the Obama Lapdog Media) is practically joined at the hip with the liberal Democrat Party, the Daily Caller should put those doubts to rest, as they expose how so-called journalists used the JournoList website, plotting to kill the scandalous story about Barack Obama's racist mentor and pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

Now ask yourself, if this wasn't an effort to protect the Obama candidacy (despite what Spencer Ackerman is quoted as saying in the piece) I don't know what is. Remember how the media was desperate to link John McLame to evangelical minister John Hagee and a prayer Sarah Palin gave at her Bible church (because the left-wing media hates evangelical Christianity)? Now if there was such a push against "tabloid style" journalism, then why those stories which really were a lame media attempt to distract from Wright's racist, anti-American views. You can be damn sure that, had Palin, McLame or any other conservative belonged to a church that was "unashamedly white" and promoted a "white values system," their candidacy would come to a quick end, and they would be a political footnote to that campaign.

But the media corruption doesn't end with Rev. Wright. Remember also how the Lapdog Media downplayed the Obama/Bill Ayers connection, the New York Times spiked an ACORN story linking Obama with the group, and the LA Times refusal to release a videotape of Obama's attendance at a dinner for former PLO advisor Rashid Khalidi that turned into a "Jew bash." In fact, the White House, DNC, Media Complex is in full force still today

Media malpractice has occurred in the last few weeks with the refusal of the lapdog media to cover the InJustice Department dropping the charges of voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers. Still another Democrat/media collusion occurred on March 20, 2010, after members of the Congressional Black Caucus claimed they had racial slurs thrown at them as they walked to and from the Capitol Building. When video proof came available showing that the CBC allegation was a lie, the media (with the exception of Sean Hannity's TV show last week) ignored the evidence. The media, including McClatchy Newspapers (who first published the slander), continue to push this lie without any examination of the videos, and refuse to put the burden of proof on the CBC. E-mails I have sent to McClatchy News, Dana Milbank of the Washington ComPost (among others) on this subject have not been returned. Why?

Perhaps Bernard Golberg needs to change the title of his book on the media/Obama connection from "A Slobbering Love Affair," because the relationship was apparently more of a marriage than an affair.

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