Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pigs Fly! CNN's Anderson Cooper Apologizes For Not Challenging Shirley Sherrod's Smear Of Andrew Breitbart, Discusses Charles Sherrod's Racism

Something must have possessed Anderson Cooper of CNN last night to do some real journalism (clip below found at Weazel Zippers).

First, Cooper apologized for not challenging liberal Saint Shiley Sherrod about her slanderous assertion that Andrew Breitbart is a racist.

Finally, Cooper went into the controversy regarding the Sherrods successfully suing the USDA, prior to her appointment to the agency. Then, he also played the comments of Charles Sherrod which were made earlier this week, saying the "white man and his Uncle Toms" should be stopped from stealing their elections.

Shirley Sherrod announced earlier in the week she's suing Breitbart. I have a suggestion for Andrew, how about counter suing her for slander, and include the Congressional Black Caucus in the suit for their slanderous "n-word" accusation against the Tea Party.

Bruce at Gay Patriot withdrew his apology to St. Shirley, stating that Breitbart was "right on the money." Yes he is, because as Bruce said, the Sherrods proved to be "full blown, race-baiting liberals."

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