Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Open Letter To Congressional Black Caucus: What Is Needed From You Is A Public Apology, Not A Phony "National Dialogue On Race"

I write the following after seeing on CNN that you've written a statement in support of dismissed US Department of Agriculture official, Shirley Sherrod. I'll state excerpts and comment:
It is troubling that Shirley Sherrod was asked for her resignation as Georgia State Director for Rural Development at the U.S. Department of Agriculture because of an edited video clip. A full review of the clip demonstrates Ms. Sherrod’s personal transformation. She was clearly educating the public about the power of redemption. It is now apparent that Secretary Vilsack did not have all of the facts available to him and overreacted.‬

‪“The Congressional Black Caucus continues to believe that Ms. Sherrod was unfairly asked to resign, without due process and should be reinstated immediately. There are many individuals still serving in the Department of Agriculture who were responsible for years of discrimination against African American farmers.‬
"Unfairly asked to resign?" "Overreacted?" "Didn't have all the facts?" You hypocrites! Those same words can be applied to your Caucus, in regards to the slanderous lies you've told about what happened outside the Cannon Building in Washington DC on March 20th. You know, how Andre Carson and Emmanuel Cleaver (among others) claimed a "chorus" of racial slurs were yelled at them by members of the Tea Party. These allegations, which have several inconsistencies based on who made the accusations and how they occurred, were immediately picked up by the Lapdog Media and regurgitated as the Gospel Truth.

Never mind, immediately after your allegations were made, a plethora of video evidence (here, here, here, and here) proved these allegations false. This evidence has been ignored by the compliant media and your caucus, and, instead, you keep repeating this lie over and over in the hopes that Americans will believe it, despite the evidence out there that disproves it. The most recent attack came last week from the NAACP, and one of your caucus, Sheila Jackson Lee, comparing the Tea Party to former KKKers. When I called her office to complain about the comments, even one of her staffers admitted to seeing the videos, yet this unsubstantiated allegation continues to be repeated.

Did Ms. Jackson Lee overreact? Did she not have all the facts? Based on her aide's statement, I believe she, and you know the truth, that the n-word allegation is phony. It was made up not only to distract Americans from the health-care debate in its final hours, but also to unfairly attack opponents of the bill, this Congress and this Administration, because you could not defend the failures of the Obama Agenda, the high unemployment and record deficits. It is a calculated political move done in an effort to keep your majority in an election year. You cannot run on your record, so, instead, you resorted to the politics of personal destruction with the worst kind of allegation possible: branding a whole group of fellow citizens racists, knowing you would receive cover from the news media, who are in your hip pockets.

I write this not just as a concerned American, but as one of those Tea Party participants who was in DC on March 20th in front of the Cannon Building who personally witnessed your lie and filmed your walk to and from the Capitol. Had such a slur occurred I or one of the others with a camera, would have noticed and picked up any suspicious comment. But this isn't about me, or any other person who filmed the same scene with a camera. This is about an untrue allegation made in an effort to silence and intimidate Americans who are concerned about the direction this nation is headed. If I remember correctly, it was many on the Democrat side who claimed, without evidence, that the previous administration was silencing dissent. Now, under an administration that promised to heal partisan divides, dissenters are branded "racists" or "un-American" by you and these same liberal Democrats.

What is un-American is your intimidation of dissenting Americans through slanderous race-card playing. We don't need some phony "national dialogue on race." What is needed is a public apology from your caucus and the NAACP to the millions of Americans you slandered as "racists," "former KKKers" and "David Duke supporters."

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