Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Obama's InJustice Department Sides With Mexico; Files Lawsuit Against Arizona Anti-Illegal Alien Law

After threatening to do so, the Obama Regime's InJustice Department, under the racist, terrorist-loving Attorney General Eric Holder, has filed a lawsuit to block Arizona's SB 1070 (Wall Street Journal).
The Obama administration set up a legal battle over states' rights and heightened the political stakes on immigration for both parties by filing a suit to block Arizona's tough new immigration law.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday by the Justice Department, sets up a likely Supreme Court clash over state versus federal power that some supporters of the measure hope establishes a new precedent. Usually, state and local governments steer clear of areas that are considered the jurisdiction of federal authorities under established law. Supporters of Arizona's immigration measure say they were helping to enforce federal law, not supplant it.

...The law, which is set to take effect July 29, makes illegal immigration a state crime and requires police to verify the immigration status of people stopped for other alleged crimes. State lawmakers said they were acting because the federal government has failed to protect the state's border with Mexico from encroachment by illegal immigrants.

The suit, filed in Phoenix, said that the state had "crossed a constitutional line" that interferes with the federal authority over immigration. It alleges that the state law would burden federal agencies, diverting resources from such higher priorities as tracking illegal immigrants implicated in terrorism cases, drug smuggling or other crimes.
Interferes with federal authority? It seems the only thing the Arizona law did was interfere with this Regime's unwillingness to enforce our immigration laws, coordinated with their new Democrat voter drive. To put it simply, the Feds have refused to enforce our immigration laws for years, so, Arizona decided to do the jobs the Feds refused to do.

Why? Phoenix is practically the kidnapping capitol of America thanks to the refusal to secure the border. Drug cartels have taken over a section of the state. Shootings, killings happen everyday along the border, and the citizens of Arizona wanted protection.

But they didn't get it from the Obama Regime, who are on the side of the drug dealers, those who break our immigration laws, and the Mexican Government. But that's nothing new with Eric Holder and Obama, who have also sided with Islamic terrorists against the families of those killed on 9/11 and those who've prosecuted the War on Terror. Don't forget how Holder the Bigot sides with the racist New Black Panthers, dismissing the voter intimidation case in Philadelphia because, in the back of this Regime's mind, Whitey has to pay.

And yet the silence is deafening from the same self-righteous liberals who accused the Bush Administration and then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales of using the Justice Department to play politics. Yet Eric Holder uses that same position Gonzales held for the sole purpose of playing racial politics and blocking inquiries into political lawbreaking by this Regime (the Sestak/Romanoff bribes & firing of an Inspector General).

As much as the Tea Parties have been good at bringing out the outrage about the out-of-control spending and high taxes, the refusal to secure our borders and fight terrorism should also be used as a rallying point.

Obama and his Regime have shown again today how they are not on the side of the American people, and why he must be removed from office, and Eric Holder belongs in a jail cell.

Doug Ross notes that one of the InJustice Department Attorney's leading the case is one of the Gitmo 9, Tony West, who was also an attorney for the Marin County Taliban, John Walker Lindh.

You can also help the State of Arizona by contributing to Keep Arizona Safe at this link.

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puff said...

It doesn't matter anyway, they'll drop the case before they lose. This is just like the New York trial debacle. Dems in Arizona that were already trying to distance themselves must be fuming.