Monday, July 12, 2010

NAACP Using Debunked "N-Word" Allegation In A Resolution Condemning Tea Party "Racism"

Friday evening, I wrote the following about the upcoming NAACP convention:

I'm sure these sanctimonious race-baiters will even use the discredited "they called us racial slurs in DC" line, even though many of us there that day recorded evidence to prove those accusations of racism against the Tea Party were bold faced lies.
From the Kansas City Star comes news today that the NAACP has decided to engage in public slander in a resolution scheduled for a vote tomorrow:

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will propose a resolution this week condemning racism within the tea party movement.

The resolution, scheduled for a vote as early as Tuesday by delegates attending the annual NAACP convention in Kansas City, calls upon “all people of good will to repudiate the racism of the Tea Parties, and to stand in opposition to its drive to push our country back to the pre-civil rights era.”

NAACP leaders said the resolution was necessary to make people aware of what they believe is a racist element within the tea party movement.

“I think a lot of people are not taking the tea party movement seriously, and we need to take it seriously,” said Anita Russell, head of the Kansas City chapter of the NAACP. “We need to realize it’s really not about limited government.”

Russell said she was “pretty certain” the resolution would pass.

...Among the charges lodged against the tea party in the resolution:

•Tea party supporters have engaged in “explicitly racist behavior” and “displayed signs and posters intended to degrade people of color generally and President Barack Obama specifically.” (refering to the Lefty LaRouche cult and their Obama as Hitler posters)

•Tea party activists have used racial epithets, have verbally and physically abused black members of Congress and others, and have been charged with threatening public officials.
The NAACP's claims of racism on the part of the Tea Party are based on a slanderous allegation by the Congressional Black Caucus which they could not prove, but was debunked and must be repeated here.

The Anatomy of a Smear

On March 20, 2010, I was one of several people who had a handheld video device that captured the walk of the Congressional Black Caucus to and from the Capitol Building, on the weekend of the final vote on the Obamacare vote.

This video below I posted on YouTube and here that same evening, just before reading that these Congressmen alleged they had the word "nigger" yelled at them 15 times. This video below was carried by a number of blogs and new media outlets, including Andrew Breitbart and Big Government and Kerry Picket at the Washington Times.

The allegation made by the CBC was a lie. Many other videos were posted from different angles (and across the street) showing no evidence of any racial slur.

However it was noted later that the slurs allegedly happened as the Congressmen were headed from the Cannon Building to the Capitol. On April 13, 2010, AP writer Jesse Washington wrote a story published the same say, stating that the video above (despite having no evidence of racial slurs was the wrong video. He then e-mailed me the next day, after the story had run, saying:

Mr. Marin (sorry, can't find your real name),:

My name is Jesse Washington, I'm a reporter with AP. I wrote a story earlier this week about the debate over whether protesters yelled "nigger" at black congressmen on March 20. I just read on your blog that you were outside the Cannon building when Carson and Lewis left. Do you have video from that time?
Why did he e-mail me after the story ran, if he was looking for more information?

Due to being away from my computer that week, I did not get his e-mail, and why would I share information with an Obama Lapdog Media outlet like AP? I did contact Andrew Breitbart and gave him another video I took, a nine-second clip of the CBC walking from the Cannon Building, which I did not post originally as I thought the longer video had more action (and, as I stated earlier, this was before I'd heard the phony racial slur allegation). The video appears with others taken during that time on Larry O'Connor's story and accompanying video clip.

Despite the new video evidence, AP writer Jesse Washington has not followed up, McClatchy News Service has not given a retraction of the story, and members of the CBC such as Andre Washington, who claimed the word was chanted 15 times, have not apologized nor offered any proof that the alleged slurs actually happened. In fact, Brietbart TV has a recent video where CBC member Barbara Lee would not address the issue, only giving a vague "we're moving forward" answer.

In addition to the phony N-word claims, there were allegations by Cong. Emmanuel Cleaver that he was also spat upon. Video debunked this, and Cleaver later claimed he never made such an allegation.

It is to their utter shame that the so-called "mainstream media" has repeated and allowed this slander against the Tea Party to continue.

But there are other points to consider that counter the false claims of racism against the Tea Party.

In Florida, an true American hero named Allen West is being supported for Congress by the Tea Party. The Tea Party endorsed candidates in South Carolina--Tim Scott for Congress & Nikki Haley for Governor--both won victories in the primaries last month. West and Scott are black, and Haley is an Indian-American woman. Now, if the Tea Party really were a bunch of racists, as being alleged by the CBC, NAACP, and Obama's Lapdog Media, why would they support these candidates?

Slander is one thing and hypocrisy is another. I've mentioned also how the NAACP had chapters that defended Michael Vick, when the football star was investigated and later jailed for the barbaric and illegal "sport" called dogfighting. The organization also defended the victim in the Duke Lacrosse rape case, even after her story was found to be false. A member of the Missouri NAACP was caught on video calling Kenneth Gladney, a black man who was involved in the only known instance of racism at a tea party, an "uncle Tom," and implied Gladney wasn't black enough for the NAACP to support. Why? Gladney was selling Gadsden flags to Tea Party members when the (S)SEIU attacked him and called him the n-word.

But the NAACP's hypocrisy doesn't stop there, they participated in the recent canonization of the late Sen. Robert "Sheets" Byrd (D-KKK), upon the Senator's (as well as former KKK Kleagle and Exaulted Cyclops) recent death. The Hill published the following statement from, yes, Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP.

NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous saluted Byrd for his "transformative" life.

“Senator Byrd went from being an active member of the KKK to a being a stalwart supporter of the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act and many other pieces of seminal legislation that advanced the civil rights and liberties of our country," Jealous said.
One problem with that, Ben Jealous. Contrary to your statement, "Sheets" Byrd not only voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, he filibustered the 1964 Act based on the racist assumption that whites were superior to blacks, as the brain of a white person weighed a few grams more than that of a black person. Byrd was also heard on nationwide TV in 2001 talking about "white niggers."

And yet an organization that honored a former Ku Klux Klan member and segregationist Senator has the audacity to call the Tea Party movement racist, while calling black conservatives "uncle Toms?"

The NAACP is in serious need of reevaluation of their group mission. Are they really for the advancement of blacks, or are they, like the modern feminist movement, only interested in promoting those with a far-Left agenda?


Anonymous said...

Uhhuh. Right. There isn't any racism in the t party. I do enjoy seeing the bone in obama's nose, saying the n word at any black legislator who isn't my cup of tea. Ahh, but that's all and gd cause the Dems call us names, and blacks call themselves the n word. Geeez, what's all the fuss about? I only want Obama to admit he's a Kenyan and go home to Africa. Does that make me a racist? Nash, it's those NAACP people going on and on and on because I said you can take the African out of Africa but you can't take the African out if the Afro American.

Ooooh ya, I'm educated also, at least I think I am.

Wellllp, that's all folks. All the above was taken from t party sites, placards, posters, and audio, in addition to being there with other t par tiers. Because believe it or not, I'm a republican and ashamed that we don't cleanup these devisive inbred low IQ elements so the focus can actually be on the fiscal budget and jobs. Right now, the t party looks to be a group of uneducated backwards nut cases.

It's embarrassing. And I thought Sarah Man jaw Palin was humiliating. At present the t party takes the cake.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Senator Byrd filibustered against the Voting Rights act, also voted against the 1664 Civil Rights Act.
But he apologized, over and over, for his past actions and racism, saying he didn't care how often he apologized, because he had been wrong. And he voted FOR the 1968 Civil Rights Act. Why was this fact not noted in this blog entry? And for what reason are these apologies and this change discounted as the reason Byrd has been praised?