Thursday, July 08, 2010

NAACP Says Kenneth Gladney Is Not A Real Black Man

Remember how Kenneth Gladney, a black man, was beaten up outside a town hall meeting in the St. Louis area last August by (S)SEIU thugs and called a "nigger?"

Not only did the supposed civil rights organization rebuff Gladney's pleas for assistance, but the Missouri NAACP had a press conference back in May, demanding that assualt charges be dropped against the (S)SEIU thugs who attacked Gladney. Gateway Pundit has the video of one NAACP member stating, in no uncertain terms, that Gladney is not a real black man.

Back in the day, we used to call someone like that, and I want to remind you, uh, when this incident occurred, I was really struck by a front page picture of this guy, which we called, a Negro, i mean that we call him a Negro in the fact that he works for not for our people but against our people. In the old days, we call him an Uncle Tom. I just gotta say that. Here it is, the day after a young brother, a young man, I didn’t mean to call him a brother, but on the front page of the Post Dispatch, ironically, he’s sitting in a wheelchair, being kissed on the forehead, by a European. Now just imagine that as a poster child picture, not working for our people.
Why should anyone take the NAACP seriously as a civil-rights organization anymore? Keep in mind also that they defended Michael Vick and the phony rape victim in the Duke Lacrosse case.

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