Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let Me Educate Ben Jealous & NAACP--I've Seen David Duke Supporters

Ben Jealous, president of the civil wrongs group known as the NAACP, is out slandering the Tea Party movement again.

On CNN, he aligned the Tea Party with White Supremacist groups like Stormfront, and people like David Duke (Gateway Pundit):
Like, a website founded by former KKK leader Don Black, the Council celebrates its allegiance to and influence in the Tea Party. The avowed racist David Duke notes that thousands of Tea Party activists have urged him to run for president. When the Tea Party marches by, Duke thinks it's his fiesta.

Our members know too well the pain and the potential danger of white supremacist groups. Since our resolution was publicized, a number of our branches and our corporate offices are reporting violent threats.

We have all seen the blatantly racist signs portraying President Obama as a monkey.
We have seen the press conference with the civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis describing how he was spit on and called the N-word, or Rep. Barney Frank being called a vicious slur for gay men.

Dick Armey and other Tea Party leaders have not only refused to disavow the racism -- they have denied it.
This comes days after Jealous originally tried to walk back his original "Tea Party is racist" claim, stating on The Morning Joe:
We aren’t saying that the tea party is racist. What we’re saying is that with their increasing power comes an increasing responsibility to act responsibly…and to call out when they see those things on those signs.”
Well, it's time to take Ben Jealous to school and educate him.

I have seen David Duke supporters. These are photos I took below...

...NOT from a Tea Party, but instead from a January 2009 anti-Israel, pro-Hamas rally outside the White House, put together by radical Islamists and Communist-inspired groups. See the link here for my entire essay. Conservatives who were there counterprotested these bigots, and even came under attack from them. Duke and Stormfront have had a history of supporting Islamists and Leftists like Cindy Sheehan, hardly the type of people you'd find at a Tea Party.

Jealous is still pushing the lie about the "n-word" supposedly being hurled at John Lewis and members of the Congressional Black Caucus, when there is no proof of such. Even the alleged "spitting" was, at the very least, an accidental discharge of saliva from a person yelling "kill the bill" with his hands cupped. As I mentioned yesterday, even a staffer with Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee's office admitted to seeing these videos (two of which were filmed by this blogger). The CBC and NAACP know damn well this is a lie, yet they keep peddling it, with a little help from their friends in the Obama Lapdog Media.

Jealous even ignores how Tea Party members wrote to the CBC in April, asking them to help in identifying anyone who might have said the "n-word."

As for the supposed death threats they've received, if they've happened, that's wrong and I don't know anyone who'd tolerate it. However, based on the lies Jealous has been using for his Tea Party slander, I'm calling bullshit, unless he's able to provide proof.

Bottom line: Ben Jealous is a liar and should be exposed as one. CNN, if they were a real journalism outfit instead of a lapdog for the Obama Administration, should expose him as such, instead of giving him a platform for slander.

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