Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Defense of Andrew Breitbart & Pointing Out Double Standards

The whole saga of Shirley Sherrod has gone down a path with more twists than Lombard Street in San Francisco. Now, the topic is no longer her admission that she once practiced racial discrimination against a white farmer, or that members of the holier-than-thou NAACP applauded this racism. It is now an attack on Andrew Breitbart, who broke the story based on a video he was sent back in April.

Unfortunately, some of these attacks are coming from conservatives.

Were there things that could be been done better in vetting the story? Yes, but that is a separate debate. But unlike some in the conservative blogosphere, I'm not fully prepared to apologize to Ms. Sherrod for the revelations which came from the entire video. Also, more facts are coming out about her that make me question her background, including her own act of throwing out the race card. Yet, I don't recall ever seeing Breitbart advocating the firing of Sherrod. He’s even on record as saying he didn’t want her fired. His sole purpose was an effort to point out the double-standard the NAACP has when it comes to racism, and he achieved that. It's not limited to the episode Ms. Sherrod gave. The NAACP has attacked a man who was called a racial epithet and physically attacked last year, for the crime of selling Gadsden Flags to Tea Party members at a St. Louis area town hall meeting.

Additionally, the NAACP has had vile, anti-American racists like Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright speak at their meetings. In 2007, I noted how the organization came out to defend dog fighter Michael Vick, and had earlier defended the rape accuser of the Duke Lacrosse team, even after she was found to have lied about the case.

This is not a story about Andrew Breitbart or Shirley Sherrod, but instead about double-standards.

Notice the predictable template being employed by the Lapdog Media. Shirley Sherrod is a victim of Fox News (who never pushed the story) and had her comments "taken out of context." Reverend Wright and ACORN, among others, have played the same game when it comes to them being exposed, and the lapdogs do their best to come to the defense. However, why was there no admonitions towards the NAACP members applauding Sherrod’s admission reverse bigotry by an either NAACP official or Sherrod herself? The NAACP condemned her comments before the retracted them, never mind that they had a copy of the speech and (like the USDA) didn't examine all the facts before making their condemnation and firing of Sherrod. Now, especially after agitating by Obama’s campaign bundlers at CodePinko and the ANSWER Coalition (who had union manufactured signs produced in record time), the Obama Regime has apologized and the USDA chief is promising her a “unique” position to make amends for her firing.

Contrast the Sherrod victimization and defense by the media to the lies and slander used by the Congressional Black Caucus to defame the Tea Party on March 20, 2010, dutifully reported without question by the Lapdog Media. The NAACP used these lies (and made up some of their own) to approve a resolution condemning the Tea Party for “racism.” Never mind that video evidence proving that the allegations did not occur came out from this blog and many others who had video cameras that day. Unlike the media, who have given Sherrod’s side of the story, the evidence exonerating the Tea Party activists has been ignored, or at best downplayed, by the Lapdog Media, who still regurgitate the CBC lies.

The same thing happened to Rush Limbaugh. When he made an attempt to become the owner of the St. Louis Rams, he was subject to a similar slander campaign, as websites like the George Soros funded Democrat front group Media Matters attributed racist comments to Rush that he never uttered. Yet Media Matters now attacks Breitbart for taking Sherrod out of context. Similar to their lib media allies on JournoList, Media Matters (in true Stalinist fashion) also openly advocates removing certain longtime members of the White House Press Corps who don’t act like lapdogs for the Obama Regime.

Andrew Breitbart should be defended by those of us on the Right. He is a patriot who is doing the job the so-called mainstream media abdicated a long time ago—acting as a watchdog over the powerful in politics and media.

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