Thursday, July 01, 2010

Despite High Unemployment, Obama To Begin Push For Amnesty For Illegal Aliens Today

Unemployment is still in the high nine percent range, and job creation in the private sector has slowed, despite the Obama Regime's stated "laser like focus" on creating jobs.

That focus is about to become distracted again, as "That One" is going to start his push to increase the cheap labor pool, as well as the Democrat voter rolls, by beginning a new push for amnesty for illegal aliens today.

Of course, it's disguised as "comprehensive immigration reform" (AFP).
President Barack Obama will give a major speech Thursday calling for action to fix America's broken immigration system, though few observers believe any major reform can pass this year.

Obama will speak at American University in Washington in an effort to ignite new momentum behind the massive and politically problematic drive to secure US borders and deal with millions of illegal immigrants.

"He thought this was a good time to talk plainly with the American people about his views on immigration," White House deputy spokesman Bill Burton said on Wednesday.

"He thinks this debate is about accountability -- accountability for securing the border, accountability for employers who are hiring illegal immigrants, and accountability for those who are in this country illegally."
WTF? Where is the accountability to the Federal Government, who is supposed to enforce immigration law? Instead, Mexican drug smugglers have taken over a large section of southern Arizona, threatened US fisherman on a Texas lake and threatened to blow up a major dam on the Rio Grande River. The one state that dared to do the job the Obama Regime refuses to do in securing their border (Arizona), is punished in return, as the racist Attorney General Eric Holder is threatening lawsuits against a law he hasn't read.

How far we've fallen in 100 years. At that time, the US Army under Blackjack Pershing was sent to the border to stop Mexican bandits like Pancho Villa from raiding border towns. Today, a radical Leftist President wants to cede over our sovereignty to a foreign nation, and provide their poor cheap labor jobs while Americans are out of work.

How about holding Obama, Holder, et al accountable, for their refusal to enforce immigration laws.

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