Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Clinton-Appointed Judge Susan Collins Sides With Obama Regime & Mexico Against Arizona

That sums it up. A judge appointed by a Democrat President (and wrongly recommended by Sen. Jon Kyl), has told Arizonans who are being terrorized by Mexican drug gangs to go to hell.

But it's not just Arizonans who are the victims of Judge Susan Bolton and the Obama Regime, it is all Americans angered by the federal government's unwillingness to enforce federal immigration law. In other words, cheap labor and playing racial politics, for the sole purpose of getting their votes on Election Day, are the only things that matter to liberal Democrats.

As I said in the previous post about treason, what good are our immigration laws when no one wants to enforce them?

Bottom line: This was all about politics, and being a Democrat appointee, Judge Collins put party before rule of law, as Heather McDonald writes at NRO:
So determined was Judge Bolton to follow the Obama administration’s political strategy regarding the law’s putative impact on legal immigrants that she exploited a drafting error in the law that Arizona had already acknowledged and repudiated. S.B. 1070 authorizes local law-enforcement officers to check the immigration status of individuals they have lawfully stopped, if they have reasonable suspicion that the individual is in the country illegally, and if the inquiry into immigration status is practicable. S.B. 1070 also required that “any person who is arrested shall have the person’s immigration status determined before the person is released.” Arizona stated in its brief and testified in court that the legislative intent behind that sentence regarding arrestees was that only people for whom there is already reasonable suspicion that they are in the country illegally would have their immigration status checked after arrest. The section does not apply to every arrestee.
Bill Jacobson at Legal Insurrection, brilliantly notes:
With a federal government which refuses to take action at the border until there is a deal on "comprehensive" immigration reform, meaning rewarding lawbreakers with a path to citizenship, this decision will insure a sense of anarchy. The law breakers have been emboldened today, for sure.

As it stands this afternoon, it is perfectly rational for someone faced with the choice of obeying the immigration laws or not, to choose not to do so. The choice of lawlessness makes a lot more sense than spending years winding through the byzantine legal immigration system, because the end result will be the same but lawlessness gets you here more quickly.

When the law and the federal government reward lawlessness, something is very wrong.
Such has been the state of modern liberalism since the 1960s, the lawbreakers and lawlessness are championed.

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