Friday, July 23, 2010

Celebrity Idiot of the Week: BDS Sufferer & Religion Basher Cyndi Lauper, So Stuck In Yesterday

George W. Bush hasn't been President for over a year and a half, yet tell that to the high school dropouts who are in the entertainment industry. Yet, give a has been celebrity a microphone, let them mouth off about politics and BOOM, the Lapdogs have a story.

Which brings us to Cyndi Lauper. You probably haven't heard of her, except on the oldies station. The last time she was seen in the public eye was, lets see, back in 1984 when she took part in World Wrestling Federation matches. It was PR move to promote her records about slapping the salami and helping Vince McMahon transform "rasslin" into some kind of Walt Disney World funpark.

Now, Cyndi Lauper got in a deLorean from 1984 to 2010, to enlighten the nation about former President Bush and perform the "She Bop" on "That One" (Newsbusters).

"The past - this year's getting a little better, but the past eight years, it was so dark," said the blonde popstar. "[I]t was like a fire sale, just before Obama came in ... And then this guy goes in and it's ‘his fault.' But it's not his fault - it's the other two. The criminals that never got charged."

"[T]he way he would go on television - that George Bush, and speak hate. I mean, just unabashed hatred," Lauper continued.
But she wasn't done, she then attacked evangelical Christians.
"[T]hey took everyone's attention and said ‘gay marriage is a terrible thing.' But let me tell you, while they're saying ‘I believe in God,' and your hands are up, they fleeced our pockets. They took everything these poor people had and based it on religion," said the singer, before asking derisively, "What religion is that?"

The interviewer, Elvira Kurt, then chimed in, asking "But why are they so gullible? Why are people so eager to believe it?"

"Because people get desperate, and especially Americans - that whole evangelist baloney," Lauper replied.

"You can say bullshit," offered the interviewer.

"Bullshit," said the bubbly songstress before launching into a rambling historical and philosophical discussion of her views on God and religion.

"Because here's the thing, if you look at history, and you look at how people are taking over, well, they knock down one church and they put another church on top of that. And they tell you ‘praise the lord,'" Lauper continued, in a mocking tone. "Well let me tell you something, you can't blame God for all the shit that goes on in this world. It's people. And people don't own heaven ... Don't tell me you're not the devil in the name of your God. Cus it ain't your God."
Talk about having a hateful tone!

Go back to irrelevance, Cyndi! You're so 1984!

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