Thursday, June 10, 2010

Your Tax Dollars At Work: The Obama Administration In "Action" Solving The Oil Spill, Unemployment, With Super Soakers & Beer Bongs

It's day 55 or so and oil is hitting the beaches along the Gulf Coast. The oil is killing the fishing industry, and "The Won"'s plans for a six month halt on offshore drilling will kill thousands more jobs in the region.

The economy is in shambles, no jobs (except temporary census jobs) are being created.

What is this Administration, who promised "Hope & Change" doing to fix all these challenges?

Rahm "Dead Fish" Emmanuel and Vice President Joe "Plugs" Biden were having water fights with super soakers over the weekend (FreeRepublic).

Meanwhile, somewhere else in DC, several White House staffers, including out White House spokesman Tommy Vietor and chief speechwriter Jon Favreau, took their shirts off and hit the beer bongs in Georgetown last weekend as well (FamousDC, via Ace of Spades).

Thanks also to Ace, I think that scene calls for some decorum, ala Paul Anka (cause I'm on an intergrity kick - click on photo for audio).

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