Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Will Be McChrystal's Fate Today?

Everyone is going to have their eyes on Washington as Gen. Stanley McChrystal comes to town for a meeting with President Thin-Skinned.

Rumors were flying around yesterday that the General was going to be fired, or had in fact turned in his resignation. Certainly the Obama Lapdog Media was demanding McChrystal be fired for daring to disparage "The Won."

I looked at the Rolling Stone piece and, for the most part, it was the General's staff who were the ones really doing the mocking of the Regime and others. Where the trouble lies is that commanders are forbidden to publicly criticize the President, the civilian "Commander in Chief." The Douglas MacArthur/Harry Truman episode comes to mind.

However, the difference is that even though Truman (like Obama) made decisions that hindered his commander from achieving complete victory, he did not leak to ideological friends in the press to disparage the military. Mark Levin revealed last night that the Obama White House did just that, talking to Jonathan Alter and trashing the military.

Is it any wonder that the General was frustrated? First, he deals with a dithering Commander in Chief who doesn't give him the troop levels he needed 70 days after his request, and then these leaks. How can he do the job he was asked to do when he is being undermined by the President?

It speaks to a larger issue we have today in this nation -- lack of leadership. We elected an American Idol candidate with no management experience largely because he had an adoring media promoting him as the Second Coming, a hypnotizing oratory, and thanks also to a really weak Republican nominee who had no fire in his belly (McLame). What's the result? The War on Terror has all but been deactivated, citizens on the border are terrorized by Mexican drug gangs and Washington blames us, not to mention the inaction on the oil spill. It takes more to lead than being a community organizer or giving a well read speech.

Unfortunately, instead of causing discord among our enemies, the Community Organizer in Chief is doing it in this nation. This McCrystal episode is the latest example.

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