Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rabbi Who Taped Hamas Helen's Rant Gets 25K Anti-Semitic E-Mails, Is Keith Olbermann Responsible?

This is pretty awful and alarming that 25,000 people in this nation feel this way, and it looks like it happened after MSNBC's chief minister of hate Keith Olbermann had his say. (Newsbusters).
Hours after MSNBC's Keith Olbermann actually called Rabbi David Nesenoff one of his "Worst Persons in the World," CBS-TV in New York reported the vicious electronic attacks streaming into the rabbi's inbox like a "ticker tape"
Just what did these e-mails say?

RABBI DAVID NESENOFF: As we're talking here, right now, the emails on my email are like a ticker tape. It's been this way for a week. It's going, going, going.

MORRISON: 25,000 and counting -- messages like:

"The Jews need to go home just like the filthy illegals that plague America, same (expletive)."

"I know your type you gentile hating Jew boy. Come and face me turd. I'll smash u under my boot."

"Hitler was right. Time for you to go back in the oven."

Most of the senders not even bothering to hide their email addresses.

NESENOFF: These are people that feel very mainstream about anti-Semitism and hate. They feel so proud of it. There is an arrogance about it. There is no shame.
Mr. Olbermann, have you no shame sir? And yet you have the nerve to label those of us who attend Tea Parties as racists?

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Larry Sheldon said...

You need both a mind and a soul to feel shame.

Keef has neither.