Friday, June 18, 2010

Prince William VA Board Of Supervisors Chairman Proposes Illegal Alien Crackdown Law For Virginia

Prince William County, Virginia led the way in the fight against illegal immigration in 2007 with a tough law proposed by Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart. The proposal passed unanimously and the violent crime rate plummeted.

Now, Stewart is proposing that a law similar to Prince William County and Arizona be brought to Virginia (WTOP).
"The law down in Arizona is an excellent model that the Commonwealth of Virginia should follow," Stewart tells WTOP:

Stewart wants Virginia lawmakers to replicate Arizona's law, which has been national spotlight for months.

Stewart has launched what he calls the Rule of Law campaign.

....Critics of Arizona's law have said that that law could lead to racial profiling if Hispanic-looking individuals are asked to present proof of citizenship or legal residency, but Stewart says there are ways that Virginia could avoid profiling.

"We've done that successfully in Prince William County," Stewart says.

"The way we've done it is to require an officer to check the immigration status of every person who is arrested, and therefore, there is no profiling because you're going to check the immigration status of every person, regardless of what they look like or what language they speak."

I returned from hearing Stewart speak to the Reston Republican Club and he told the results of Prince William County's law, chief among them being that violent crime in the county has dropped 19 percent the last two years.

There is a petition to sign at his website,, and an illustration of the Rule of Law plan, with the full draft coming soon. The proposal would:

  • Enhance Police Powers to Capture, Detain, and help Deport Criminal Aliens
    ◦Direct Virginia law enforcement officials to ascertain, in any lawful contact, the legal presence of an individual, when practicable.
    ◦Direct Virginia jails to release criminal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after serving their sentence.
    ◦Allow law enforcement officials to arrest illegals without warrant if they have reasonable suspicion that the arrest would make them removable from the United States.
  • Virginia Criminal Penalties for Illegal Aliens
    ◦Make it a violation of Virginia law to fail to complete alien registration documents.
    ◦Impose harsh penalties for terrorists and illegals caught with illegal drugs and deadly weapons.
  • Outlaw Sanctuary Policies
    ◦Prohibit cities and counties from preventing law enforcement officials from inquiring about legal presence or preventing them from sharing information with ICE.
  • Outlaw Illegal Day Laboring and Public Roadside Solicitation
    ◦Allow law enforcement officials to break up day laboring operations.
    ◦Prohibit solicitation along all public roads, crippling illegal day labor sites.
  • Crackdown on Human Smuggling
    ◦Prohibit smuggling and human trafficking, especially for sexual slavery.

All common-sense solutions which need to be put in place in every state. The Obama Regime needs to get the message that it is not just an Arizona issue, but one that resonates across America and political lines.

There is also a Facebook page: Virginia Rule of Law Campaign.

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