Wednesday, June 09, 2010

More Tea Party Violence....I Mean Leftists Attacking Tea Party Members

I saw this video on Facebook and on Big Government. It is another example of violence against the Tea Party, which we saw back in August of last year in St. Louis and Florida.

This is in Greensboro, NC. At about 41 seconds into the video, a black man comes in to argue with the Tea Partiers.

At 1:25, he harassed the Tea Party member with a camera, then pushed the cameraman's wife, then punches the cameraman who came in to defend the wife. Then he drove off, after the cameraman told him the police were looking for him.Note to the lapdog media: notice that no racial slurs were used by the Tea Party against the man? Contrast that with the lies the media, Congressional Black Caucus, and Democrat Party told about the Tea Party last March when all the video evidence proves those allegations were bold faced lies.

I'm sure you won't see this video on Keith Olbermann's show, because it doesn't fit his "Tea Party is racist" lie he and his network spreads.

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