Friday, June 18, 2010

More Misogyny From Liberals: (C)Rapper G-Biz Releases Song "F**K Michele Bachmann" & Posting Fliers Promoting Release Party. Dems & Media Silent

From Newsbusters, via Facebook, comes the latest from those supposed champions of women - liberal Democrats - and their misogyny.

Michele Bachmann, who is hated by the Left because she's an effective voice of conservatism in Congress (and has more courage than those eunuchs John Boehner and Eric Cantor), has been the target of vicious, hateful attacks on her as a woman from liberals.

It's gone from lib hate talker Mike Malloy, calling her a "phony ass broad" and "skank," to a white-trash punk crapper in Minnesota named G-Biz, who released a song "F**k Michele Bachmann" and is putting up fliers in Minneapolis & St. Paul promoting a "release party" on July 3rd (WARNING - Explicit Flier below).

"It was just brought to my attention yesterday," she said. "This is part of a pattern. I know you reported on this before - the Playboy article. They have highlighted various conservative women and talked about very lewd, derogatory, hateful violent things that they wanted to do toward those women. I was one of those women and this is a concert series, as you said, where they're using degrading terminology. Also in Minneapolis, there's a comic book series that was written showing me in a similar light."

Bachmann questioned why the media have refused to respond to this and other attacks on conservative women. She explained if it were a liberal woman, there would be outrage.

"This is something - what is done to conservative women -," she said. "I think if this happened to a liberal woman, I just think we would see all sorts of commentary. But when something this vile happens to a conservative, most of the media just turns the other way."

And in addition to that attack, Bachmann said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was targeting her as well.

"And it's interesting - this week, Speaker Pelosi put me on the Red-to-Blue campaign, which means she wants all of her fellow Democrat members of Congress to contribute to my opponent," she said. "And she wants all the lobbyists here in Washington, DC to also contribute to my opponent. So this campaign came out at the same time as I was put on the Red-to-Blue campaign."
Just like Pelosi and the Democrats will not condemn this, you'll hear no outrage from the phony feminists at NOW, because modern feminism is only about promoting liberalism, man-hating, and abortion-on-demand, NOT equality.

And Chris "Thrill up my leg" Matthews, who sees the "New Right" as dangerous, is conspicuously silent about this liberal misogyny.


Jim C said...

There's a group on Facebook "1,000,000 People Against G-Biz" - that pinhead gang rap group:

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You guys are adorable.