Monday, June 14, 2010

Impeachment Time? After Comparing Oil Spill To 9/11, "That One" Breaks Out The Golf Clubs, Turns Down Help From Other Nations

The clueless Barack Hussein Obama actually had the gall to compare a man made disaster (the BP Deepwater oil spill) to an act of Islamofascist terrorism (9/11) to The Politico yesterday...and then it was off to the links for a four-hour golf game (Gateway Pundit).

GP also notes that Netherlands and Great Britain offered to help in the oil clean up, but were refused by "The Won" because they didn't have the correct paperwork. And all this happened days after the explosion of the rig.

Does "criminal negligence" fall under the "High crimes and misdemeanors" definition for Presidential Impeachment? Because if nothing else, the actions of this Regime for the last 50 plus days certainly calls for the Impeachment of President Thin-Skinned: Barack Hussein Obama.

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