Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gov. Jan Brewer Takes On Obama For Posting Signs Instead of National Guard On Land Where Mexican Drug Smugglers Roam

The Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, has filmed another ad taking on the lack of border security in her state by the Obama Regime (video found at Weasel Zippers).

Instead, President Thin-Skinned is having his terrorist friendly attorney general file a lawsuit against the State of Arizona, for doing the job the Federal Government refuses to do.


Anonymous said...

It appeared to me that a news report said that General McChrystal resigned under pressure instead of technically getting fired. However, many statements or comments on the web indicate that he was fired or dismissed. I hope that the general resigned under pressure rather than got fired or dismissed.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go so far as to accuse the attorney general of being terrorist-friendly. However, I believe that the Obama administration would like many immigrants to come into this country easily so that the immigrants will be so grateful to the Democrats that the immigrants will vote Democrat.

Anonymous said...

I did not mean to attack the Democratic party with my comment that I think that the Obama administration would like to have more immigrants into this country because I think that the Obama administration would like to have more Democrats in this country, although I am not sure if the Obama administration is being completely fair.