Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Firing McChrystal Shows Just How Thin-Skinned Obama Really Is, He Admitted It By Denying It

While allowing himself and his staff to be interview by Rolling Stone was not a good idea, what really was the offense that Gen. Stanley McChrystal committed to be sacked by Barack Hussein Obama?

He didn't try to go over his head, like MacArthur did with President Truman (even though MacArthur was right in his criticisms of Truman's appeasement mentality towards the Red Chinese). Most of what was said in the piece was in fact said by members of his staff.

Still, he was let go today. Obama said this in his statement that the firing was not "about personal insult." Really?

This is a President who has personally, and through his henchmen, attacked media critics and others who have dared to question him and his agenda. The fact that he had to say in his statement that firing McChrystal wasn't about "insult" shows that's exactly why he was fired.

That and the fact Obama and the Democrats, who argued Afghanistan was the good war, don't really want to fight it.

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