Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fimian & Murray Win GOP Primaries For Fall Congressional Races

In today's primaries in the Fairfax County, VA area, Keith Fimian won the contest against County Supervisory Pat Herrity for who will face "Jihad" Gerry Connolly in the Fall.

Fimian's name had been out there longer as a potential candidate. He ran and lost against Connolly in 2008, but Connolly has since proven he has been a virtual lap dog for Nancy Pelosi since joining Congress. Fimian was with tea party supporters last summer when Connolly refused to meet with constituents, unless it was in a gated retirement community.

Herrity, one of the few Republicans on the County Supervisors, had name recognition. However, my feeling is he comes off as too much of a career politician. He's played it safe on many issues affecting the county.

Patrick Murray, an Iraq War vet, won the race against Matthew Berry for who will face Jim Moron for the District 8 Congressional seat. I saw Berry's signs for the most part around the Reston area, but in the last couple of weeks became more and more aware of Murray. Mrs. MIM even met him the other day and told him of my contempt for Moran.

Although I live in Frank Wolf's district, these are two important contests. Both Moron and Connolly are contemptible, arrogant liberals who have been rubber stamps for the Obama agenda. Moron needs to join fellow anti-Semite Helen Thomas in retirement.

Congratuations to both Keith Fimian and Patrick Murray, and best wishes to them in November, when we hopefully retire both the incumbent Democrats.

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Anonymous said...

Lets hope the voters will remember the words of Mr. Moran this November when he insisted that the, " rich are not entitled to keep their wealth."

How about when he likened the Republican ticket in the gubernatorial elections this past year to the Afghanistan radical Taliban movement.

Moran needs to be sent back to Buffalo!! His marxist views and drunken escapades have been an embarrassement to Virginia.