Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Debbie Schlussel Unhinged Again, Attacks "The Great One" Mark Levin

Attacking Sean Hannity with lies and distortions apparently isn't enough for blogger Debbie Schlussel. The other day, she attacked Mark "The Great One" Levin (a Jew) for "excusing Hezbollah supporters."

Today, fraudulent “opponents” of Islamic terrorism, like talk show host Mark Levin, make excuses for embracing Hezbollah supporters and enablers. When his candidate for President, Fred Thompson, hired Hezbollah supporter and financier Spencer Abraham as his campaign manager (a story I broke on this site), Levin said (on his nationally syndicated radio show) that this was okay, “because he needs him to win Michigan.” Huh? Remember that the next time Levin attacks the Dems and Obama for being soft on terrorism. Look in the mirror, Mark. And stop gushing over Jihad Darrell.
Is this woman nuts or what? I'd say it's that and a good dose of jealousy. I've never heard Mark Levin make excuses of Hezbollah. This is getting old: failed bloggers like Schlussel and some radio hosts (a Weiner) who decide the only way to make a name for themselves and promote conservatism is to attack established names, in an effort to bring attention to themselves.

Sounds like this is a pattern with Schlussel. John Hawkins has more at Right Wing News about "The Debbie Schlussel Experience Part 2: The Fixation."

Maybe she and that other loon Charles "Icarus" Johnson can get married and live unhappily ever after in the rubber room.

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