Sunday, June 06, 2010

"Hamas" Helen Thomas Is Speaker For Bethesda, MD's Walt Whitman High School 2010 Graduation UPDATE: School Dist. Disinvites Thomas

See below for updates:

Helen Thomas, who was caught on video saying the Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine (Israel)" is going to be the speaker at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, MD on June 14, 2010.

Thomas also was a speaker at a 2006 fundraiser for the pro-Hamas, pro-Islamofascist terrorist "peace" group Code Pinko.

According to WTOP radio, where I first heard of this speech this afternoon, the principal was "aware" of the controversy but knows of no plan to cancel her speech.

How many times are conservative speakers on the blacklist for college commencement addresses and other speeches, just for the crime of being conservative? Yet a public school in the DC area is going to have a speaker with anti-Semitic leanings give a speech to graduating high school students?

If you're opposed to Thomas giving this speech (and I'm sure she'll inject her far-Left liberal views on the crowd as well), please send correspondence to the school and the principal. Be civil, of course.

Montomery County Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Jerry Weast

Dr. Alan Goodwin

Assistant Principals:
Dr. Kathlyn Carroll
Mrs. Kathy McHale

Mrs. Jennifer Webster

Phone: 301-320-6600
Fax: 301-320-6594

UPDATE: 9:35P.M. EDT - The Washington ComPost's Breaking News blog says Thomas has been disinvited from giving the address to Walt Whitman HS graduates.

Journalist Helen Thomas was scheduled to be the graduation speaker at Walt Whitman High School later this month -- until Sunday, when she was disinvited after comments that she made about Israel and Palestine made many in the community uncomfortable, Montgomery Board of Education President Patricia O'Neill said Sunday.

"We became aware that there are some unfortunate comments from her that are airing on YouTube," O'Neill said. O'Neill said that especially given the large Jewish population at Whitman, the school system was not comfortable with having Thomas speak at the graduation on June 14.
Thomas' speaking agency has also severed ties with her.

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