Saturday, June 05, 2010

Anti-Semite Helen Thomas Headlined 2006 Fundraiser For Terrorist Supporters Code Pinko

Helen Thomas, the anti-Semite White House correspondent for Hearst Newspapers who was caught on video saying the Jews should "get the hell out of 'Palestine'" headlined a DC fundraiser for Code Pinko, a Communist based group who has sided with Islamofacist terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, and support the terrorist group Hamas.

Kristinn at FreeRepublic has more.
Photos posted by Code Pink show Thomas receiving the group's "Badge of Courage" at a fundraiser held at a Washington, D.C. restaurant on October 28, 2006.
Code Pink is a leader of the so-called Gaza Freedom Movement, the group behind the terror flotilla trying to break the blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza.
Code Pink has led other efforts to weaken the blockade of the terrorist haven and has acted as a go-between from Hamas to Barack Obama.

Hamas guaranteed Code Pink's safety during the group's last trip to Gaza six months ago.
Contacted at the time of the Code Pink fundraiser, a spokesman for Hearst's D.C. bureau said that as a columnist Thomas was free to raise money for Code Pink. Hearst wasn't bothered that Code Pink had a history of supporting the terrorists in
Iraq with cash and humanitarian aid.

Remember that in 2004, Code Pinko gave the terrorists fighting US Marines in Fallujah, Iraq $600,000 in "aid." Obama's bundler (& Code Pinko co-founder Jodie Evans openly supported the "resistance" in Iraq at the 2005 World Tribunal on Iraq held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Former Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer and Rep. Michele Bachmann have called for Hearst to fire Thomas.

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