Wednesday, June 02, 2010

AMAZING! Person On Bus From Rained Out Obama Speech In Illinois Yell "Liar!" "You Should Be Impeached" At President Thin-Skinned

CNN video, via Gateway Pundit.

I'm surprised they didn't edit this heckler out, who said:

"When are you going to quit?"

"You should be impeached!"

"Impeach Obama!"

"Liar, You Liar"

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Anonymous said...

The young man on the bus had the courage to say what the majority of the country thinks. Like Nero, narcissist Obama is coming unglued. His own party members are squirming under threat of being voted out of office. The charge: Guilty by association with Obama. The question is, will enough pressure from his own party members force Obama to quit before the November election? Or will criminal charges against his staff do the job ala Nixon? Yes. And the sooner the better, for the nation's sake.