Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Portland Police To Reopen Sexual Assault Allegations Against Al Gore

The National Enquirer is following up their story of a Portland massage therapist who claims she was groped by "Chicken Little" Algore with even more evidence, and now Portland Police are reopening the case.
Portland police announced today that it will re-open and investigate a Portland massage therapist’s allegations that former Vice President Al Gore sexually assaulted her at a downtown hotel in October 2006.

The announcement comes as the therapist went public for the first time, telling the National Enquirer that she demanded a full police investigation of her complaint.

...Molly Hagerty is photographed in the latest edition of the National Enquirer, holding the black pants she wore that night. She’s quoted saying she paid for a DNA analysis of a stain on the pants. The paper also mentioned videotape footage from the Hotel Lucia, where the encounter occurred, and named a computer consultant who told the tabloid that Hagerty called him at about 4 a.m. Oct. 24, 2006, and told her immediately about details of the attack.

Portland police said last week they considered the case closed unless new evidence surfaced. Police did not explain their decision today.

"Consistent with our policy regarding open investigations, the Police Bureau will not be commenting on any additional specifics regarding this case at this time,'' Portland Det. Mary Wheat, bureau spokeswoman, said in a news release.

If these allegations are true, then the high priest of gloBULL warming may be giving his next sermon from inside an Oregon lock box.

Former DOJ Attorney: Eric Holder Ordered New Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case Dismissed For Racial Reasons

From Fox News.
A former Justice Department attorney who quit his job to protest the Obama administration's handling of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case is accusing Attorney General Eric Holder of dropping the charges for racially motivated reasons.

J. Christian Adams, now an attorney in Virginia and a conservative blogger for Pajamas Media, says he and the other Justice Department lawyers working on the case were ordered to dismiss it.

"I mean we were told, 'Drop the charges against the New Black Panther Party,'" Adams told Fox News, adding that political appointees Loretta King, acting head of the civil rights division, and Steve Rosenbaum, an attorney with the division since 2003, ordered the dismissal.

Asked about the Justice Department's claim that they are career attorneys, not political appointees, Adams said "obviously, that's false."

"Under the vacancy reform act, they were serving in a political capacity," he said. "This is one of the examples of Congress not being told the truth, the American people not being told the truth about this case. It's one of the other examples in this case where the truth simply is becoming another victim of the process."
Adams was also interviewed by Megan Kelly.

KELLY: Ok, and what was basically the heart of the case against them.

ADAMS: Yeah, this 1965 Voting Rights Act protects voters from voter intimidation. You’re supposed to be able to go vote without somebody with a weapon shouting racial slurs at you like these folks were doing in Philadelphia.

KELLY: What were they saying?

ADAMS: Well, they said, “You’re about to be ruled by the black man, Cracker”. They called people “white devils”. They menaced, they tapped their baton. They tried to stop people from entering the polls.

KELLY: Is there any question in your mind that that violates the law.

ADAMS: No, nor anybody that worked on the case. It’s the easiest case I ever had at the Justice Department. It doesn’t get any easier than this. If this doesn’t constitute voter intimidation, nothing will.
Unfortunately, an investigation into this will probably not occur until the Republicans take over the Congress, but it should, as should Holder's cozy relationship with terrorists.

Hey Holder, if you want to see the coward when it comes to talking about race, go take a look in the closest mirror.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kagan Questioned If Congress Has Power To Tell American's What To Eat -- She Refuses To Answer

Mark Levin mentioned this, from the Drudge Report.

The video speaks for itself, as Sen. Tom Coburn quizzed Supreme Court nominee on the limits of the commerce clause.

She wouldn't answer the question.

If there was any sanity or leadership in the Senate, this alone should disqualify her to sit on the highest court, but every Democrat will toe the line, along with some RINOs (Lindsey Grahamnesty).

She must not be allowed to be confirmed.

Monday, June 28, 2010

FLASHBACK: NY Times Writer Adam Clymer Eulogized Strom Thurmond As "Foe of Integration," vs. Former KKK Robert Byrd As "Respected Voice of the Senate"

Robert Byrd's death this morning and the media coverage brings to mind how the media also covered the death of segregationist Democrat turned Republican Strom Thurmond in 2003.

Adam "Major League Asshole" Clymer wrote Thurmond's obit in the June 27, 2003 New York Slimes, calling him a "foe of integration." Never mind that Thurmond repudiated his earlier segregationist views upon becoming a Republican, and appointed many blacks to offices.
Byrd, in contrast, was called by Clymer a "respected voice of the Senate" in today's Slimes obit.
Thurmond's 1948 run for President as a segregationist Dixiecrat (Southern Democrat) was highlighted in paragraph three, while Byrd's filibuster of the 1964 Civil Rights act was paragraph 15, followed in the next graph by his membership in the racist terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan.

Sen. Robert Byrd Dies

Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia died early this morning in nearby Fairfax at Innova Hospital at the age of 92. He was a Senator from the state since 1958, and had the reputation from Democrats and their media allies as "the conscience of the Senate."

Buried in the New York Times obituary, as with others, was the fact that Byrd not only filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he was also a member of the Ku Klux Klan, holding the titles of Kleagle and Exaulted Cyclops.
Mr. Byrd’s political life could be traced to his early involvement with the Ku Klux Klan, an association that almost thwarted his career and clouded it intermittently for years afterward.

In the early 1940s, he organized a 150-member klavern, or chapter, of the Klan in Sophia, W.Va., and was chosen its leader at a meeting. After the meeting, Joel L. Baskin, the Klan’s grand dragon for the region, suggested that Mr. Byrd use his “talents for leadership” by going into politics.

“Suddenly, lights flashed in my mind!” Mr. Byrd later wrote. “Someone important had recognized my abilities.”

Mr. Byrd insisted that his klavern had never conducted white-supremacist marches or engaged in racial violence. He said in his autobiography that he had joined the
Klan because he shared its anti-Communist creed and wanted to be associated with the leading people in his part of West Virginia. He conceded, however, that he also “reflected the fears and prejudices” of the time.
In March 1968, after the Memphis TN garbage worker's strike turned violent, Byrd was quoted as saying:
Martin Luther King fled the scene. He took to his heels and disappeared leaving it to others to cope with the destructive forces he had helped to unleash. And I hope that well-meaning Negro leaders and individuals in the Negro community in Washington will now take a new look at this man who gets other people into trouble, and then takes off like a scared rabbit.
Byrd also voted against the elevation of two blacks, Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas, to the Supreme Court, as well as Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State. He spent his Senate career naming most West Virginia after him, thanks to bringing Federal money there for pork projects.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gov. Jan Brewer Takes On Obama For Posting Signs Instead of National Guard On Land Where Mexican Drug Smugglers Roam

The Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, has filmed another ad taking on the lack of border security in her state by the Obama Regime (video found at Weasel Zippers).

Instead, President Thin-Skinned is having his terrorist friendly attorney general file a lawsuit against the State of Arizona, for doing the job the Federal Government refuses to do.

VIDEO: Lapdog Media "Reporters" Mock Palin Speech, Unaware Microphone Was On

Here's one more example of how the lapdog media is hostile to conservatives, especially conservative women.

Sarah Palin gave a speech last night at California State University-Stanislaus, which was carried on a live stream via FOX 40 in Sacramento. Since cameras weren't allowed inside the auditorium, the station had a camera shoot the speech, via a screen in a room with reporters.

What happened next, as seen in this video found at The Right Scoop, was that unidentified reporters in the room began to mock Palin, unaware that the camera in the room was carrying their idiocy nationwide.

Male "reporters" in the background can be heard saying:

"My God, I feel like I just got off a roller coaster. Raaaah! Raaaah! Raaaah! (laughing)."
"We've got to write a report."
"She didn't finish a statement, trying..."
"Right, it was worse than I thought."
"Did she make a statement? Cause I didn't catch that either." (laughter)

FOX40 put up a half-assed statement on their website, saying it was no one from their staff responsible for the commentary.

...following Sarah Palin's address from CSU Stanislaus, several reporters could be heard making comments about the speech that some viewers considered inappropriate and unprofessional. Day by day, television, newspaper and radio reporters are asked to cover stories involving mayhem and misery, and occasionally off-color comments slip out on-air and online. Honestly, it's happened on FOX40 News and on in the past during live presentations of news and events.

However, the comments overheard were made by reporters assembled from other newspaper and television outlets, and at no time was the voice of our photographer heard on the stream. It's very likely that those reporters and photographers were unaware, or simply forgot, that there was one television station with an open microphone broadcasting to the world.

Additionally, it should be noted that FOX40 reporter Andria Borba was not in the room where our signal was broadcast, and the voices heard delivering color commentary at the end of Sarah Palin's speech were male.

Unfortunately, there's no way to immediately identify the photographers and reporters making commentary following Sarah Palin's speech, and it would be inappropriate for FOX40 News and to apologize on their behalf.

As always, our phone lines and e-mail inboxes are always open to comments and criticism. Our news director Brandon Mercer can be reached at, our acting general manager Mike Armstrong can be reached at and I can be reached at

Misery & mahem? Maybe instead of rationalizing the unprofessionalism of these liberal journalists, FOX40 should have stated that the comments are unbecoming of a media which claims to be "objective."

I'm looking for news reports to find who may have been there. I did find this story written by the Turlock Journal about the speech. Was the Journal's reporter, Alex Cantatore, in the room, as were the Modesto Bee and ABCNews10?

Here's another video with better quality sound:

From Tammy Bruce's website. She's been on top of this story.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Slimey Limey" Paul McCartney Strikes Again: GloBULL Warming Skeptics Are Like Holocaust Deniers

Almost a month after using a White House award ceremony to attack former President Bush, the slimey limey Paul McCartney strikes again and opens his piehole (UK Sun).
THE shocking images of oil-covered wildlife and ruined beaches across the Gulf of Mexico have horrified millions.

But passionate green campaigner Sir Paul McCartney believes the environmental disaster may have a silver lining, with the search for clean, renewable energy now being pushed forward.

The Beatles legend said: “Sadly we need disasters like this to show people. Some people don’t believe in climate warming – like those who don’t believe there was a Holocaust.”
First of all, what the hell does an oil spill have to do with gloBULL warming? Did climate change cause the spill? I don't think so.

Sister Toldjah, who linked to the Sun story, writes:
How dare this bloody idiot suggest that we “needed” the BP oil spill for any reason? And this guy’s supposed to be a “humanitarian“? Tell that to the people who’ve lost their way of life down there, Mr. McCartney. Tell that to the all the dead/dying fish, birds, etc washing up on the shorelines, and the injured or dead dolphins and whales floating in the ocean. Tell it to the local fisherman who apparently committed suicide over the oil spill. Tell it to the families of the 11 men who lost their lives on the oil rig.
Because to liberals like McCartney and his hero, the not-so-anointed One Obama, you always need to break a few eggs in order to make an omelet. He probably learned to use the Holocaust comparison from that nut Ingird Newkirk and PETA (People Euthanizing Thousands of Animals), a group he supports.

By the way, Paul, George was my favorite Beatle.

Open Letter From Jon Voight To The Won: "You've Brought To Arizona A Civil War"

From the Washington Times, via Melanie Morgan:

President Obama:

You will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people, and the American people as well, when you said that you would defend Israel, the only Democratic state in the Middle East, against all their enemies. You have done just the opposite. You have propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone's enemy — and it has resonated throughout the world. You are putting Israel in harm's way, and you have promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world.

You have brought this to a people who have given the world the Ten Commandments and most laws we live by today. The Jewish people have given the world our greatest scientists and philosophers, and the cures for many diseases, and now you play a very dangerous game so you can look like a true martyr to what you see and say are the underdogs. But the underdogs you defend are murderers and criminals who want Israel eradicated.

You have brought to Arizona a civil war, once again defending the criminals and illegals, creating a meltdown for good, loyal, law-abiding citizens. Your destruction of this country may never be remedied, and we may never recover. I pray to God you stop, and I hope the people in this great country realize your agenda is not for the betterment of mankind, but for the betterment of your politics.

With heartfelt and deep concern for America and Israel,

Jon Voight

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Firing McChrystal Shows Just How Thin-Skinned Obama Really Is, He Admitted It By Denying It

While allowing himself and his staff to be interview by Rolling Stone was not a good idea, what really was the offense that Gen. Stanley McChrystal committed to be sacked by Barack Hussein Obama?

He didn't try to go over his head, like MacArthur did with President Truman (even though MacArthur was right in his criticisms of Truman's appeasement mentality towards the Red Chinese). Most of what was said in the piece was in fact said by members of his staff.

Still, he was let go today. Obama said this in his statement that the firing was not "about personal insult." Really?

This is a President who has personally, and through his henchmen, attacked media critics and others who have dared to question him and his agenda. The fact that he had to say in his statement that firing McChrystal wasn't about "insult" shows that's exactly why he was fired.

That and the fact Obama and the Democrats, who argued Afghanistan was the good war, don't really want to fight it.

More Border Insecurity, Mexican Gangs Use Arizona Hills As Lookout Bases

Let's review: Federal land in Arizona is essentially ceded to Mexican drug gangs by the Obama Administration, Arizona Police are threatened by these gangs, Fisherman are terrorized on Falcon Lake in Texas, and Falcon Dam was targeted for destruction by a Mexican drug cartel.

Now comes the story from Arizona that Mexican gangs are using the hills of Arizona as permanent lookout bases (Fox News).
Mexican drug cartels have set up shop on American soil, maintaining lookout bases in strategic locations in the hills of southern Arizona from which their scouts can monitor every move made by law enforcement officials, federal agents tell Fox News.
The scouts are supplied by drivers who bring them food, water, batteries for radios -- all the items they need to stay in the wilderness for a long time.

“To say that this area is out of control is an understatement," said an agent who patrols the area and asked not to be named. "We (federal border agents), as well as the Pima County Sheriff Office and the Bureau of Land Management, can attest to that.”

Much of the drug traffic originates in the Menagers Dam area, the Vekol Valley, Stanfield and around the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation. It even follows a natural gas pipeline that runs from Mexico into Arizona.

In these areas, which are south and west of Tucson, sources said there are “cartel scouts galore” watching the movements of federal, state and local law enforcement, from the border all the way up to Interstate 8.

“Every night we’re getting beaten like a pinata at a birthday party by drug, alien smugglers," a second federal agent told Fox News by e-mail. "The danger is out there, with all the weapons being found coming northbound…. someone needs to know about this!”

The agents blame part of their plight on new policies from Washington, claiming it has put a majority of the U.S. agents on the border itself. One agent compared it to a short-yardage defense in football, explaining that once the smugglers and drug-runners break through the front line, they're home free.
It doesn't help either, that the Obama Regime and the terrorist friendly Eric Holder, have declared war on Arizona and their fight against these foreign invaders.

What Will Be McChrystal's Fate Today?

Everyone is going to have their eyes on Washington as Gen. Stanley McChrystal comes to town for a meeting with President Thin-Skinned.

Rumors were flying around yesterday that the General was going to be fired, or had in fact turned in his resignation. Certainly the Obama Lapdog Media was demanding McChrystal be fired for daring to disparage "The Won."

I looked at the Rolling Stone piece and, for the most part, it was the General's staff who were the ones really doing the mocking of the Regime and others. Where the trouble lies is that commanders are forbidden to publicly criticize the President, the civilian "Commander in Chief." The Douglas MacArthur/Harry Truman episode comes to mind.

However, the difference is that even though Truman (like Obama) made decisions that hindered his commander from achieving complete victory, he did not leak to ideological friends in the press to disparage the military. Mark Levin revealed last night that the Obama White House did just that, talking to Jonathan Alter and trashing the military.

Is it any wonder that the General was frustrated? First, he deals with a dithering Commander in Chief who doesn't give him the troop levels he needed 70 days after his request, and then these leaks. How can he do the job he was asked to do when he is being undermined by the President?

It speaks to a larger issue we have today in this nation -- lack of leadership. We elected an American Idol candidate with no management experience largely because he had an adoring media promoting him as the Second Coming, a hypnotizing oratory, and thanks also to a really weak Republican nominee who had no fire in his belly (McLame). What's the result? The War on Terror has all but been deactivated, citizens on the border are terrorized by Mexican drug gangs and Washington blames us, not to mention the inaction on the oil spill. It takes more to lead than being a community organizer or giving a well read speech.

Unfortunately, instead of causing discord among our enemies, the Community Organizer in Chief is doing it in this nation. This McCrystal episode is the latest example.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

South Texas Dam On Rio Grande Threatened By Drug Cartels

Recently I wrote about how sport fisherman on Falcon Lake, on the Rio Grande River in deep South Texas were being chased by Mexican drug cartel pirates.

Today comes word that Los Zetas, the Mexican drug cartel, unsuccessfully tried to blow up Falcon Dam, which not only creates Falcon Reservoir, but supplies water to two hydroelectric power plants (Fox News).

According to the Houston Chronicle, Mexican and U.S. authorities were "secretly scrambling" last month to thwart a plot by the Zeta cartel to blow up Falcon Dam and unleash billions of gallons of water.

The Zeta cartel planned the attack to get back at its rival, the Gulf cartel, which controls smuggling routes from the Falcon Dam to the Gulf of Mexico, Sigifredo Gonzalez, sheriff of Texas' Zapata County, told the newspaper.

Although the Gulf Cartel was the alleged target, about 4 million residents and massive amounts of agricultural land would have been affected in the resulting massive flood, the paper reported.

Sources told the Chronicle that U.S. officials learned of the plot through "serious and reliable sources," the seizure of small amounts of dynamite near the dam and the discovery of an alert from the Zeta cartel warning Mexican residents to evacuate the area ahead of the blast.

The Mexican military then stepped up its presence in the area based in part on the
U.S. intelligence, sources told the Chronicle.

(Rep. Tom) McClintock said escalating violence along the Mexican border is a result of restricted access by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents to federal lands due to environmental regulations enforced by the Department of Interior.

"It certainly has the potential to be a serious security risk," McClintock said. "The plot by the Zeta drug cartel to blow up the Falcon Dam appeared to be quite credible. And as we have found over the years, before there is a successful attack, it is preceded by several unsuccessful attempts that clearly indicate intent. It would be utterly foolish to ignore."

The Department of Homeland Security did not immediately respond to requests for comment regarding last week's hearing.
I suppose Janet Incompitano would say "the system worked."

So, in the last month, we've seen Mexican drug lords take over a section of land in Arizona, threaten Arizona police, terrorize fisherman on Falcon Lake and now attempted to blow up the dam, which would have created massive damage and casualties in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

All because Obama wants "comprehensive immigration reform" (amnesty), he has to put American lives at risk to get his political means.

Instead Of Plugging The Damn Hole, Obama Takes A Golf Break To Film Astroturfing Video Using Oil Spill To Promote Crap & Tax

The Community Organizer-in-Chief took a break from his golf game and the latest White House party to film a two plus minute video for the DNC funded Astroturfing for Obama.

Here's the video.

In it, as have previous AFO messages, the Regime is using the oil spill to push the "crap & tax" scheme, which would raise energy prices through the roof and is a tax on working Americans. In doing so, Obama uses the same language as the radical environmentalists who supported him

Carl Pope of the Sierra Club wrote in 2006 "We're better off without cheap gas."

Additionally, Obama like other liberals once again hijack recovery terms to describe the necessity of fossil fuels to our every-day lives as an "addiction to oil," like we're all a bunch of junkies groping around for our next fix. Never mind that 85 percent of our energy comes from fossil fuels. So does Vaseline, the tires on our cars, the makeup women wear, plastics, the list goes on and on. Like it or not, our economy is run on fossil fuels, and if you shut it down, you shut down our economy.

Also, the idea that we're running out of places to drill in America is a damn lie. There's plenty of spots for future development, but the liberals and the tree huggers have blocked those places off.

Just as with the border, Obama has hijacked and allowed this disaster to spread for purely political reasons -- the implementation of his radical agenda. Like all demagogues, he uses fear and emotion to work the public.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Support Our Troops - Send A Care Package Via Move America Forward's 2010 Troopathon

As I did last year, I'm joining other blogs in helping to send care packages to our troops who are fighting for us in Iraq and Afghanistan, as part of the Blogger Competition for Move America Forward's Troopathon 2010.

What is Troopathon?
The concept behind Troopathon is not a new idea, put on a Jerry Lewis style telethon to benefit a worthy cause, but a Troopathon is groundbreaking and innovative in that we bring together famous celebrities from radio, television, movie stars, musicians, journalists, and more to create a one-of-a-kind event with one purpose - to support our troops on the front lines in the war on terror and honor their service and sacrifice for our nation.

The goal of Troopathon is simple, send care packages to our troops, as many as we can get sponsored in a single 8-hour show. In our first year (2008) our inaugural program brought in over $1.5 million for care packages for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the single largest shipment of care packages ever recorded. Over the two years we have done it, our innovative webcasts have brought over $2 Million for our troops. Since our organization began sending care packages in 2006, we've sent over 168 TONS of high quality beef jerky, Gatorade, Oreo cookies and gourmet coffee to our troops, and that's just the beginning!

What makes troopathon such a success, and an exciting event for our troops and our supporters, is the star power we bring out! In our Troopathons we've been proud to have such participants as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Laura Ingraham, Gary Sinise, Jon Voight, Kevin Farley, John Ondrasik of the band Five for Fighting, Oliver North, President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Dr. David Horowitz, Carrie Prejean and many many more!
This is the third year that Move America Forward has done this telethon for the troops. The Troopathon will be broadcast via on July 1st, but you don't have to wait until then to make a donation.

Click on the icon below (or in the sidebar) to go to the link to order any of several options for care packages for the troops.

...and send friends and family here to donate as well. The link above and in the sidebar for the blogger competition will be good until June 30, 2010.

Thank you, God Bless You, God Bless America and God Bless our Troops!

Sen Kyl: Obama Holding Border Security Hostage Because He Can't Pass "Immigration Reform" (Amnesty) Without It

Katy Abram linked to this video on Facebook, in which Sen. John Kyl (R-AZ) talked with President Thin-Skinned gave him a revealing answer as to why he will not secure the border.

"'The problem is' he said 'If we secure the border, you all won't have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform.' In other words, they're holding it hostage. (crowd gasps) They don't want to secure the border unless it is combined with comprehensive immigration reform." (attendee is heard to say "amnesty")
So that is what the lawsuit by the terrorist and New Black Panther enabling Eric Holder is all about. More Americans have to risk being assaulted, kidnapped or killed, and US land held hostage by Mexican drug gangs so that the Obama Regime can register about 12 million more Democrat voters and have more cheap labor. All at a time when Americans are out of work and have quit looking for work.

And how do we know that there isn't a terrorist trying to smuggle a dirty nuke across the border to blow up in a US city, because the border will not be secured by this thug regime?

Politics comes before doing your sworn Constitutional duty. This is treason, and another reason Obama should be impeached.

In other border news, Melanie Morgan links to this story at UnCoverage:

Quietly in March, the State Dept. put Mexico on its "travel warning" list, along with such countries as Iran, Yemen and Afghanistan.

Travel agents, liberal media and the Obama administration aren't so interested in telling you how many Americans and others are getting murdered in Mexico. Doesn't fit the "shamnesty, blame America" agenda. Very graphic picture and content. Stay the hell out of Mexico.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Prince William VA Board Of Supervisors Chairman Proposes Illegal Alien Crackdown Law For Virginia

Prince William County, Virginia led the way in the fight against illegal immigration in 2007 with a tough law proposed by Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart. The proposal passed unanimously and the violent crime rate plummeted.

Now, Stewart is proposing that a law similar to Prince William County and Arizona be brought to Virginia (WTOP).
"The law down in Arizona is an excellent model that the Commonwealth of Virginia should follow," Stewart tells WTOP:

Stewart wants Virginia lawmakers to replicate Arizona's law, which has been national spotlight for months.

Stewart has launched what he calls the Rule of Law campaign.

....Critics of Arizona's law have said that that law could lead to racial profiling if Hispanic-looking individuals are asked to present proof of citizenship or legal residency, but Stewart says there are ways that Virginia could avoid profiling.

"We've done that successfully in Prince William County," Stewart says.

"The way we've done it is to require an officer to check the immigration status of every person who is arrested, and therefore, there is no profiling because you're going to check the immigration status of every person, regardless of what they look like or what language they speak."

I returned from hearing Stewart speak to the Reston Republican Club and he told the results of Prince William County's law, chief among them being that violent crime in the county has dropped 19 percent the last two years.

There is a petition to sign at his website,, and an illustration of the Rule of Law plan, with the full draft coming soon. The proposal would:

  • Enhance Police Powers to Capture, Detain, and help Deport Criminal Aliens
    ◦Direct Virginia law enforcement officials to ascertain, in any lawful contact, the legal presence of an individual, when practicable.
    ◦Direct Virginia jails to release criminal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after serving their sentence.
    ◦Allow law enforcement officials to arrest illegals without warrant if they have reasonable suspicion that the arrest would make them removable from the United States.
  • Virginia Criminal Penalties for Illegal Aliens
    ◦Make it a violation of Virginia law to fail to complete alien registration documents.
    ◦Impose harsh penalties for terrorists and illegals caught with illegal drugs and deadly weapons.
  • Outlaw Sanctuary Policies
    ◦Prohibit cities and counties from preventing law enforcement officials from inquiring about legal presence or preventing them from sharing information with ICE.
  • Outlaw Illegal Day Laboring and Public Roadside Solicitation
    ◦Allow law enforcement officials to break up day laboring operations.
    ◦Prohibit solicitation along all public roads, crippling illegal day labor sites.
  • Crackdown on Human Smuggling
    ◦Prohibit smuggling and human trafficking, especially for sexual slavery.

All common-sense solutions which need to be put in place in every state. The Obama Regime needs to get the message that it is not just an Arizona issue, but one that resonates across America and political lines.

There is also a Facebook page: Virginia Rule of Law Campaign.

OUTRAGEOUS! Obama Sides With Mexico vs. Arizona; Hillary Rotten Announces From Ecuador Obama Regime Will Sue State, Promise Broken On Nat'l Guard


The Obama Regime is officially siding with Mexico vs. the State of Arizona, even as Mexican drug gangs have essentially captured part of southern Arizona. They are planning to sue Arizona over their law which will do what the Federal Government refuses to do, enforce immigration laws. What's worse, Secretary of Hate Hillary Rotten Clinton announced this from a foreign nation--Ecuador!

Gov. Jan Brewer was on Greta Van Susteren's show last night to tell how the Regime has broken their promise of National Guard troops as well (Nice Deb).

VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, you can’t see the picture on your screen, but we just looked at a picture of you and President Obama two weeks ago in the Oval Office, when he — when you were here, and I think the — at least the observation I have is he was sort of pressured into seeing you because you were in town and you’d been asking to see him.

But he made some promises about some deployment of National Guard, and you were going to hear within two weeks what the federal government — what President Obama had decided. We asked you last night when we were Arizona. You still hadn’t heard, but you said today was the last day for the two- week period. Have you heard anything today?

BREWER: We have not. And you know, I was so hopeful. I really was hopeful that today that during early hours that we would hear from the Obama administration. But unfortunately, now it is night and we have not heard a word in regards to what they’re going to deploy or how many troops we’re going to get. And I am really disappointed.

What can I say? You know, you make a commitment — you know, people there with us, we all heard the same thing, two weeks. And so that was our drop-dead date. So I’ll be anxious to just hear what we hear in the next couple of days. I’m hopeful that we can reach out to him tomorrow in some manner and get some answers to this. This is unacceptable! Unacceptable!

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, he promised two weeks, and he didn’t get it, so what was that, just a photo-op of the two of you in the Oval Office? I mean, what do you make of that?

BREWER: Well, you know what I make of it? I think that the people of Arizona and the people of America put a lot of pressure on this issue and that they responded to kind of cool it down. And I think they thought maybe they could go away and placate us. Unfortunately, they didn’t. I think by the actions that we’ve experienced now today and with no comments from the White House back to my office in regards to their promise, and then the action that took place down in Ecuador with Secretary Clinton, you know, it’s just going to make people that much more outraged at the administration.
Every American should be outraged at the way the Obama Regime and Democrats are subverting the rule of law, and American sovereignty. Make no mistake, elections matter this year, and we need a Congress that will stand up to this treasonous Administration, as well as begin investigations into abuses of power committed by the Regime. Impeachment should not be kept off the table.

And Hillary Rotten, let me put you on notice. If you think you can just walk out in a year when the SS Obama is about to go under and challenge him in 2012, America will not be fooled. We will hold you accountable for this!

FAIL! After Oval Office Speech, Obama Approval Hits New Low

Bad news for President Thin-Skinned from Rassmussen Reports.
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 25% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-six percent (46%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -21 (see trends).

These results are based upon nightly telephone interviews and reported on a three-day rolling average basis. As a result, more than two-thirds of the interviews for today’s update were conducted after the president’s speech to the nation. Tomorrow’s update will be the first based entirely upon interviews conducted after the speech.

...Overall, 41% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president's performance. That’s the lowest level of approval yet recorded for this president. Fifty-eight percent (58%) now disapprove.

Seventy-six percent (76%) of Democrats approve of the president’s performance. Eighty-five percent (85%) of Republicans disapprove along with 72% of unaffiliated voters.

President Obama’s numbers have typically bounced following a national television event. Generally, they bounce up a little. Once, following a press conference, they went down. In all cases so far, the bounce has lasted a week or so and then faded.

Thirty-three percent (33%) say the president is doing a good or an excellent job handling the Gulf oil spill. Forty-six percent (46%) say he’s doing a poor job.

So, although the full picture from after the Oval Office speech hasn't been seen, it's apparent from 2/3rds of the public the speech went over like a lead balloon.

More Misogyny From Liberals: (C)Rapper G-Biz Releases Song "F**K Michele Bachmann" & Posting Fliers Promoting Release Party. Dems & Media Silent

From Newsbusters, via Facebook, comes the latest from those supposed champions of women - liberal Democrats - and their misogyny.

Michele Bachmann, who is hated by the Left because she's an effective voice of conservatism in Congress (and has more courage than those eunuchs John Boehner and Eric Cantor), has been the target of vicious, hateful attacks on her as a woman from liberals.

It's gone from lib hate talker Mike Malloy, calling her a "phony ass broad" and "skank," to a white-trash punk crapper in Minnesota named G-Biz, who released a song "F**k Michele Bachmann" and is putting up fliers in Minneapolis & St. Paul promoting a "release party" on July 3rd (WARNING - Explicit Flier below).

"It was just brought to my attention yesterday," she said. "This is part of a pattern. I know you reported on this before - the Playboy article. They have highlighted various conservative women and talked about very lewd, derogatory, hateful violent things that they wanted to do toward those women. I was one of those women and this is a concert series, as you said, where they're using degrading terminology. Also in Minneapolis, there's a comic book series that was written showing me in a similar light."

Bachmann questioned why the media have refused to respond to this and other attacks on conservative women. She explained if it were a liberal woman, there would be outrage.

"This is something - what is done to conservative women -," she said. "I think if this happened to a liberal woman, I just think we would see all sorts of commentary. But when something this vile happens to a conservative, most of the media just turns the other way."

And in addition to that attack, Bachmann said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was targeting her as well.

"And it's interesting - this week, Speaker Pelosi put me on the Red-to-Blue campaign, which means she wants all of her fellow Democrat members of Congress to contribute to my opponent," she said. "And she wants all the lobbyists here in Washington, DC to also contribute to my opponent. So this campaign came out at the same time as I was put on the Red-to-Blue campaign."
Just like Pelosi and the Democrats will not condemn this, you'll hear no outrage from the phony feminists at NOW, because modern feminism is only about promoting liberalism, man-hating, and abortion-on-demand, NOT equality.

And Chris "Thrill up my leg" Matthews, who sees the "New Right" as dangerous, is conspicuously silent about this liberal misogyny.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Joe Barton Is Right, If Boehner & Cantor Don't Like It, They Can Go Pound Sand

While at the paying gig, reading the news earlier today, I saw the Left wing bloggers heads were exploding over Rep. Joe Barton from my home state of Texas, apologizing to BP executives for the $20 billion "shakedown" they got from the Obama Regime.

Then, Rep. Barton was forced to apologize. Word from the Daily Caller is that House GOP leaders John Boehner and Eric Cantor told him apologize or lose your chairmanship.

Well, I support Joe Barton and I say to Boehner and Cantor: Get a pair or go pound sand.

I'm in no way saying that BP is completely blameless in this whole situation, but I cannot think of any other Administration doing what happened in the White House yesterday. Sure, the company needs to pay for damages, cleanup, etc. But a $20 billion escrow fund? And the White House is essentially going to control it all, via another unconstitutional czar? On top of it all, I that ambulance chaser from Brooklyn, Schmuck Schumer, wetting himself in celebration because they were taking away dividends from BP stockholders.

Joe Barton is right...this IS a shakedown. The fact this was a 20 minute meeting was no coincidence either. This White House "meeting" with BP was the equivalent of Luca Brazzi and Don Corleone (Rahm Emmanuel & Obama) telling the bandleader (the BP head) that "either his brains or his signature would be on the contract."

If the GOP wants to be in control, this is not the way to whimps. When has Nancy Pelosi and Stingy Hoyer apologize for calling Tea Partiers "unAmerican?" I certainly haven't heard an apology yet from the racist Congressional Black Caucus for the lie they spread about the "n-word" being shouted at them as they walked through the crowd of Obamacare opponents.

If Boehner and Cantor cannot man up, then perhaps Michele Bachmann should lead the House GOP.

In Response To Chris "Tingles" Matthews, I Present "The Obama Democrats: Chicago Thuggery Comes to DC"

Last night, Chris "I got thrill thrill running down my leg" Matthews ran a report on the network Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap (MSNBC) called "The New Right." I didn't watch it, because I have a low tolerance for bovine excrement, but from what I've read and seen, it was essentially the DHS report from last year put together as a news expose.

The jist: We're all cut from the same cloth. The Tea Party, the new conservative media, talk radio, militias, Nirthers, racists...there is no difference. We conservatives are such a threat to these far-Left, Obama-Kool Aid drinking liberals that the supposedly "objective" media now makes broad brush character assassinations of the American people. It's one thing for low blow attacks on tea party supported candidates (Rand Paul, Sharon Angle, Nikki Haley), but it's another to attack the American people.

Since MSNBC, the Obama White House's favorite network, won't do the work of journalism, allow me, a lowly citizen journalist.

For all the mischaraterization of the Tea Party and conservatives as violent racist extremists, someone needs to call bullshit. I've not seen any acts of violence or racism at Tea Parties I've attended. If you want to see violence, maybe you should look at the side of the isle "Tingles" Matthews and MSNBC are on.

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is a video collection of Leftist anarchy: "The Obama Democrats: Chicago Thuggery Comes to DC"

We have union violence (SEIU) against the supposedly violent and racist Tea Party.

St. Louis, MO - August 6, 2009

Tamap Fl. (the same day)

Greensboro, NC - June 8, 2010

And we have Democrat Congressjerks who attack anyone who dare to ask if they support the Obama agenda.

To try and provoke a fight or some racial incident, they'll walk through your crowd. When it doesn't happen...they'll go to their friends in the lapdog media and claim you chanted "nigger" at them 15 times.

Illegal immigration supporters will verbally and physically assault you.

...and just so all these lib journalists will remember, lets remind them how the supposedly tolerant Obama Left was towards President Bush.

So there you have it. While the Obama Regime's DHS, the lapdog media and the SPLC will smear us as violent racists, it is the Obama supporting Left who are violent and out of control.

Do you think this is not a coincidence? Here's Obama himself.

“I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.”

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Debbie Schlussel Unhinged Again, Attacks "The Great One" Mark Levin

Attacking Sean Hannity with lies and distortions apparently isn't enough for blogger Debbie Schlussel. The other day, she attacked Mark "The Great One" Levin (a Jew) for "excusing Hezbollah supporters."

Today, fraudulent “opponents” of Islamic terrorism, like talk show host Mark Levin, make excuses for embracing Hezbollah supporters and enablers. When his candidate for President, Fred Thompson, hired Hezbollah supporter and financier Spencer Abraham as his campaign manager (a story I broke on this site), Levin said (on his nationally syndicated radio show) that this was okay, “because he needs him to win Michigan.” Huh? Remember that the next time Levin attacks the Dems and Obama for being soft on terrorism. Look in the mirror, Mark. And stop gushing over Jihad Darrell.
Is this woman nuts or what? I'd say it's that and a good dose of jealousy. I've never heard Mark Levin make excuses of Hezbollah. This is getting old: failed bloggers like Schlussel and some radio hosts (a Weiner) who decide the only way to make a name for themselves and promote conservatism is to attack established names, in an effort to bring attention to themselves.

Sounds like this is a pattern with Schlussel. John Hawkins has more at Right Wing News about "The Debbie Schlussel Experience Part 2: The Fixation."

Maybe she and that other loon Charles "Icarus" Johnson can get married and live unhappily ever after in the rubber room.

Obama The Reconquista President: Essentially Gives Mexico Part Of Arizona

More evidence of the lack of leadership coming from Washington, in this Fox News report.

Part of a wildlife refuge well into Arizona has been essentially surrendered by the Obama Regime to Mexican drug smugglers. To think that 100 years ago, we sent the US military to the Texas/Mexico border to go after Pancho Villa and other bandits who raided US border cities. Now, the President just attacks the state for daring to do what the Federal Government won't do--secure the border--and cede this part of America to a foreign nation.

How far we as a nation have fallen.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sarah Palin On Obama's Failed Speech: He Doesn't Understand The Link Between Conventional Energy and Our Security Prosperity & Freedom

Sarah Palin was on Bill O'Reilly's show tonight and here's her reaction to Obama's speech (HotAirPundit).

Palin says the number one priority should be to stop the leak. However, she says Obama is more interested in Cap & Tax and using this crisis to raise energy costs.

"What the Federal Government should have done was accept the assistance of foreign countries...They can't even get a phone call back. ...that is what the Norweigians and Dutch are telling us."

She began by saying Obama's plans would have us begging on our knees towards the Saudis and Venezuela who produce oil.

How Bad Was Obama's Speech Tonight? It Was So Bad....

...even the King of Hate at MSNBC, Keef Olbermann, "Tingles" Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman of Newsweek looked glum, and panned "That One's" Oval Office speech. Matthews even compared Obama to President Carter.

Real Clear Politics has the video at the link. Some of what was said on the liberal MSNBC about Obama.
Olbermann: "It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days. ...Nothing specific at all was said."

Matthews: "No direction."

Howard Fineman: "He wasn't specific enough."

Olbermann: "I don't think he aimed low, I don't think he aimed at all. It's startling."

Howard Fineman: Obama should be acting like a "commander-in-chief."

Matthews: Ludicrous that he keeps saying [Secretary of Energy] Chu has a Nobel prize. "I'll barf if he does it one more time."

Matthews: "A lot of meritocracy, a lot of blue ribbon talk."

Matthews: "I don't sense executive command."
I didn't watch the speech and don't watch MSNBC, but from the reaction of these three rabid Lefties, I can tell the speech was a dud.

Joe Weisenthal at the Business Insider wrote: "Flash Judgement: Obama's Speech Was A Disaster"

If you watched (or read) The President's Oval Office speech to the nation, please let us know if you feel better.

Because our sense is that this went over like a ton of bricks, at least based on our reading of it and the flash reactions we've seen on Twitter.

Some of the details up top are fine: It's great that a ton of folks going to be deployed in the cleanup, and strongarming BP to set up a cleanup fund is probably a good move.

But the second half of the speech killed the strong opening, because it turned into just another pie-in-the-sky post-oil speech: Lots of talk, little substance, and little reason to believe that the worlds will end up resulting in something different than the last umpteenth time a President has promised to transition away from oil.

Monday, June 14, 2010

INACTION ON OIL SPILL EXPLAINED: Obama's Name On DNC/OFA E-Mail Using Oil Spill To Push For "Cap & Tax" & Phony Green Jobs Agenda

"Never let a good crisis go to waste." Rahm "Dead Fish" Emmanuel

Absolutely SHAMELESS!

In the last almost 60 days since the BP Deepwater oil well exploded and sank, we have learned that oil booms which could have stopped the flow of oil to the shores and wetlands of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & Florida were waiting in a warehouse.

Offers from other nations to help in the clean up the oil spill were rebuffed.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has waited for the OK to build barrier islands to stop the oil from hitting the wetlands. Efforts to burn the oil at sea were rebuffed due to "environmental impact." Jindal is now acting on his own and ordered the building of barriers.

President Barack Hussein Obama attended a fundraiser for Barbara "You Will Call Me Senator" Boxer instead of attending the funeral of the 11 killed on the BP explosion.

Endless rounds of golf, vacations and honoring the Bush-bashing Paul McCartney.

Now, besides making another photo op trip to the Gulf region being harmed by his Regime's inaction, Obama is now using his DNC funded astroturfing organization Organizing for America (aka Astroturfing for Obama) to use this disaster for political gain.

And, like the "Porkulus" and "Obamacare" action, the term "we cannot delay any longer" is being used to push the radical energy agenda.

The BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast is the worst environmental disaster of its kind in our nation's history. I am returning to the region today to review our efforts and meet with families and business owners affected by the catastrophe.

We are working to hold BP accountable for the damage to the lands and the livelihoods of the Gulf Coast, and we are taking strong precautions to make certain a spill like this never happens again.

But our work will not end with this crisis. That's one of the reasons why last week I invited lawmakers from both parties to join me at the White House to discuss what it will take to move forward on legislation to promote a new economy powered by green jobs, combat climate change, and end our dependence on foreign oil.

Today, we consume more than 20 percent of the world's oil, but have less than two percent of the world's oil reserves. Beyond the risks inherent in drilling four miles beneath the surface of the Earth, our dependence on oil means that we will continue to send billions of dollars of our hard-earned wealth to other countries every month -- including many in dangerous and unstable regions.

In other words, our continued dependence on fossil fuels will jeopardize our national security. It will smother our planet. And it will continue to put our economy and our environment at risk. We cannot delay any longer, and that is why I am asking for your help.

Please stand with me today in backing clean energy. Adding your name will help Organizing for America create a powerful, public display of support for making this change happen.

The time has come, once and for all, for this nation to fully embrace a new future. That means continuing our unprecedented effort to make everything -- from our homes and businesses to our cars and trucks -- more energy-efficient. It means rolling back billions of dollars of tax breaks to oil companies so we can prioritize investments in clean energy research and development.

Many businesses support this agenda because shifting to clean energy creates opportunities for entrepreneurship. This is how we will reinvent our economy -- and create new companies and new jobs all across the country.

There will be transition costs and a time of adjustment. But if we refuse to heed the warnings from the disaster in the Gulf -- we will have missed our best chance to seize the clean-energy future we know America needs to thrive in the years and decades to come.

The House of Representatives has already passed a comprehensive energy and climate bill, and there is currently a plan in the Senate -- a plan that was developed with ideas from Democrats and Republicans -- that would achieve the same goal. But this is an issue that Washington has long ignored in favor of protecting the status quo.

So I'm asking for your help today to show that the American people are ready for a clean-energy future.

Please add your name to mine:

...Thank you,

President Barack Obama

This explains (as I believed and stated earlier) his inaction on protecting the Gulf region from the effects of this oil spill. The sight of polluted beaches, destruction to environmentally sensitive wetlands, and wildlife being killed is being used to scare Americans to demand no offshore drilling and no further oil exploration, as well as the economically destructive "cap & tax" scheme and the phony "green jobs" agenda. Never mind that the Regime cannot define what exactly a "green job" is.

Remember that liberals got their panties in a knot in 2002 when a photo of President Bush on 9/11 was used for a GOP fundraiser. The photo was used to show Bush the Commander-in-Chief as a leader during a national crisis. The destruction from this oil spill and this letter shows by contrast Obama the Community Organizer-in-Chief as a street agitator, using a disaster for the sole purpose of implementing the radical treehugger agenda on America, even though he's admitted industries like coal would be bankrupted.

As for the dead wildlife and environmental destruction? I guess Obama needed to break a few eggs to make an omelet.


Weasel Zippers also writes that "Obama Isn’t Having Tuesday’s Oval Address To Calm Our Fears & Inform Americans Of The Progress Being Made In The Gulf; He’s Using It To Push Crap & Tax"

Hillary-Supporting Pop Singer: "America's Being Thrown Under The Bus" By President Thin-Skinned

Too often, liberal entertainers who are secluded in their world of snottiness and fame (case in point: that mind-slut Ashley Judd), go out and preach liberalism to those of us who attend their movies or buy their records, never mind that we didn't pay for the propaganda.

Then there are some who prove they actually have the ability to use the muscle residing between the ears (if it isn't too brain damaged).

Case in point: Sophie B. Hawkins (1996 single: "As I Lay Me Down").

She appeared on Fox & Friends recently, and said the "disconnect is coming from the lack of leadership (Obama)."

Hawkins supported and appeared with Hillary Rotten Clinton in 2008. In this article from the Hill (linked at Ace of Spades), it's apparent that the Obama Kool-Aid didn't look enticing enough for Hawkins to take a swig.
Singer Sophie B. Hawkins told The Hill on Thursday that "America's being thrown under the bus" by President Barack Obama as he presses forward with his agenda and comes under criticism for his response to the Gulf oil spill.

...The singer campaigned on the trail with Hillary Rodham Clinton during her presidential campaign, and told The Hill from her tour bus that she "never believed in [Obama's] philosophy" -- which she said runs contrary to her beliefs in "smaller government, smart government, flexible government."

"I think the writing was on the wall," Hawkins said. "I honestly couldn't believe so many people were into him."

She describes herself as a centrist who's identified with the Democratic and Green parties, but said even though she's never been Republican she wouldn't cross that vote off the list if the right
leader came along.

In fact, she's open to a Republican Congress.

"I want the Congress that really is going to listen to the people," she said. "I really don't care what party it is anymore."

Hawkins said she attended a Tea Party rally in Santa Monica, Calif., that was "mostly all Democrats."

"The Tea Parties are only here because people are not listening," she said.

The singer said she viewed the government's attitude as "arrogant" and said people are hungry for leaders who will "take us in a direction that's truly American."

"Obama may be brilliant, but he's not a leader," Hawkins said.

"The lack of leadership on this Gulf issue is so shocking," she said, adding that while government organization is lacking, the president "should be galvanizing people who voted for him to go to the Gulf and help."
I don't think Obama is brilliant. He's certainly charming and can (sometimes) read a prepared speech well from the teleprompter. But this oil spill is showing what so many of us knew back in 2008: giving a good speech doesn't make you a leader.

Impeachment Time? After Comparing Oil Spill To 9/11, "That One" Breaks Out The Golf Clubs, Turns Down Help From Other Nations

The clueless Barack Hussein Obama actually had the gall to compare a man made disaster (the BP Deepwater oil spill) to an act of Islamofascist terrorism (9/11) to The Politico yesterday...and then it was off to the links for a four-hour golf game (Gateway Pundit).

GP also notes that Netherlands and Great Britain offered to help in the oil clean up, but were refused by "The Won" because they didn't have the correct paperwork. And all this happened days after the explosion of the rig.

Does "criminal negligence" fall under the "High crimes and misdemeanors" definition for Presidential Impeachment? Because if nothing else, the actions of this Regime for the last 50 plus days certainly calls for the Impeachment of President Thin-Skinned: Barack Hussein Obama.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Obama Sorry He "Can't Suck It (Oil) Up With A Straw," Staff Doesn't Know Where The Miles Of Oil Booms Are Located

If you voted for Obama and thought you were getting Superman, well, there's a sucker born every minute, as "The Anointed One" admitted he's not the Man of Steel (Jake Tapper, ABC).
ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: While visiting with Louisiana residents last week during his trip to Grand Isle, President Obama expressed a little frustration that he was not able to plug to hole still spewing oil in the Gulf by himself.

“Even though I am President of the United States my powers are not limitless,” Obama said last Friday at Camardelle’s Live Bait and Boiled Seafood, “So I can’t dive down there and plug the hole. I can’t suck it up with a straw. All I can do is make sure that I put honest, hardworking, smart people in place.”
Obviously, that's not the case. Gateway Pundit has been on the case of how miles--MILES--of oil booms are sitting in a warehouse just waiting to be picked up, and some genius in the Regime heard about it on a TV interview.

But maybe we'll wait for Monday to do something about it. The weekend is here and it time for golf, supersoakers and beer bongs for the Regime.

"Jihad" Gerry Connolly Has His Ass Handed To Him By Ben Bernake

From Ed at Apparently, "Jihad" Gerry tried to attack Republicans on the Hill for wanting spending cuts, and was taken to school by the Fed Chairman.

CONNOLLY: I’m telling you, they don’t have an open mind. They have publicly expressed that they do not favor — you know, they’re all for deficit reduction as long as anything having to do with revenue is off the table. Can we get to serious deficit reduction — change that trajectory you talked about — if we eliminate half of the ledger sheet?
BERNANKE: Well, theoretically you could if you cut enough, but it would be very difficult to do that.
CONNOLLY: Is there enough spending to be cut?
BERNANKE: Of course! I mean … [laughs]
CONNOLLY: National defense, homeland security? (the one area liberals always want to cut)
BERNANKE: That’s your judgment, that’s the Congress’ judgment. That’s not my judgment.
CONNOLLY: Ah. Um … it must be nice to be an economist.
Keith Fimian has a great video exchange for a campaign commercial.

Still Don't Know What A "Green Job" Is?

Neither Does The Obama White House, who have pushed "green energy" (Byron York, the Examiner).
Buried deep inside a federal newsletter on March 16 was something called a "notice of solicitation of comments" from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the Department of Labor.

"BLS is responsible for developing and implementing the collection of new data on green jobs," said the note in the Federal Register, which is widely read by government bureaucrats and almost never seen by the general public. But the notice said there is "no widely accepted standard definition of 'green jobs.'" To help find that definition, the Labor Department asked that readers send in suggestions.
For that matter, even Van Jones, the Mao Tze Dung worshipping-9/11 Troofer who was Obama's "Green Jobs Czar" couldn't define that term either.

It's just a feel good term to "change the system."

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Your Tax Dollars At Work: The Obama Administration In "Action" Solving The Oil Spill, Unemployment, With Super Soakers & Beer Bongs

It's day 55 or so and oil is hitting the beaches along the Gulf Coast. The oil is killing the fishing industry, and "The Won"'s plans for a six month halt on offshore drilling will kill thousands more jobs in the region.

The economy is in shambles, no jobs (except temporary census jobs) are being created.

What is this Administration, who promised "Hope & Change" doing to fix all these challenges?

Rahm "Dead Fish" Emmanuel and Vice President Joe "Plugs" Biden were having water fights with super soakers over the weekend (FreeRepublic).

Meanwhile, somewhere else in DC, several White House staffers, including out White House spokesman Tommy Vietor and chief speechwriter Jon Favreau, took their shirts off and hit the beer bongs in Georgetown last weekend as well (FamousDC, via Ace of Spades).

Thanks also to Ace, I think that scene calls for some decorum, ala Paul Anka (cause I'm on an intergrity kick - click on photo for audio).

Rabbi Who Taped Hamas Helen's Rant Gets 25K Anti-Semitic E-Mails, Is Keith Olbermann Responsible?

This is pretty awful and alarming that 25,000 people in this nation feel this way, and it looks like it happened after MSNBC's chief minister of hate Keith Olbermann had his say. (Newsbusters).
Hours after MSNBC's Keith Olbermann actually called Rabbi David Nesenoff one of his "Worst Persons in the World," CBS-TV in New York reported the vicious electronic attacks streaming into the rabbi's inbox like a "ticker tape"
Just what did these e-mails say?

RABBI DAVID NESENOFF: As we're talking here, right now, the emails on my email are like a ticker tape. It's been this way for a week. It's going, going, going.

MORRISON: 25,000 and counting -- messages like:

"The Jews need to go home just like the filthy illegals that plague America, same (expletive)."

"I know your type you gentile hating Jew boy. Come and face me turd. I'll smash u under my boot."

"Hitler was right. Time for you to go back in the oven."

Most of the senders not even bothering to hide their email addresses.

NESENOFF: These are people that feel very mainstream about anti-Semitism and hate. They feel so proud of it. There is an arrogance about it. There is no shame.
Mr. Olbermann, have you no shame sir? And yet you have the nerve to label those of us who attend Tea Parties as racists?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

More Tea Party Violence....I Mean Leftists Attacking Tea Party Members

I saw this video on Facebook and on Big Government. It is another example of violence against the Tea Party, which we saw back in August of last year in St. Louis and Florida.

This is in Greensboro, NC. At about 41 seconds into the video, a black man comes in to argue with the Tea Partiers.

At 1:25, he harassed the Tea Party member with a camera, then pushed the cameraman's wife, then punches the cameraman who came in to defend the wife. Then he drove off, after the cameraman told him the police were looking for him.Note to the lapdog media: notice that no racial slurs were used by the Tea Party against the man? Contrast that with the lies the media, Congressional Black Caucus, and Democrat Party told about the Tea Party last March when all the video evidence proves those allegations were bold faced lies.

I'm sure you won't see this video on Keith Olbermann's show, because it doesn't fit his "Tea Party is racist" lie he and his network spreads.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Liberal Musicians Hall & Oates, Los Lobos Cancel Arizona Gigs While Che-Loving Carlos Santana & Willie Nelson Record Pro-Illegal Alien Music

What is a divisive issue like illegal immigration without idiots in the entertainment community to make dumb-ass statements or actions, in an effort to influence their paying public how to think?

Well, they've all come out to see who is the bigger idiot. In the last few days, Hall & Oates and Los Lobos, acts whose last hits were in the mid-1980s, have decided to cancel gigs in Arizona to protest SB 1070, the crackdown on illegal alien invaders.

Never mind that part of those 70 percent of Arizonans (and 60 plus percent of Americans) who agree with the new Arizona law might be fans of their music, these two acts forgot they were entertainers, not policy makers. So, they both flipped off people who made their living.

Interesting note one Freeper pointed about Darryl Hall. He lives part time in an area of New York surrounded by a natural barrier of trees. I guess Hall doesn't like invaders intruding on his privacy.

Los Lobos released a record in 2002 entitled Good Morning Aztlan.

Gee, where have we heard that term before? Hint below:

Meanwhile, Gateway Pundit notes that a bunch of far-Left musicians are putting out a record supporting illegal aliens. Entitled "Si Se Puede" (Yes We Can), the music is being recorded by Che Guevara loving Carlos Santana, who resides in the wealthy San Rafael, CA neighborhood of Peacock Gap (Marin County). Joining him are Mexican pop band Mana and the rednecked version Jerry Garcia known as Willie Nelson.

"Che may be dead for you, but he lives in our hearts ... Che is all about love and compassion." Carlos Santana on mass murdering Communist Che Guevara

Carlos, like his amigo Willie, is a fan of the wacky weed (from my time living in the Austin area, I can't remember how many times Willie got busted for pot). Here, Carlos makes a petition to his Comrade Obama to legalize marijuana and use the money for education.

Sorry Carlos. If we took you seriously, not only will your dope smoking idea increase paranoia, you'll make another generation just as dumb as the 1960s hippies who never grew up, and spent the last 40 years destroying the fabric of this nation.

So how would these big music libs like it if people downloaded their songs without paying for them or (even better) snuck into their concerts and took the seats of paying customers? Didn't think about that, did you?

Thanks for letting me know to cross you guys off any future "music to buy" list. Enjoy your trip back to the "Where Are They Now" file and the low paying gig at the Tick Tock Inn.