Friday, May 28, 2010

White House Source Tells John King Of CNN Obama Didn't Know Of Sestak Scandal Until Recent Days...Watergate Style Cover Up?

Besides their internal "investigation" into Sestakgate, some inside the Obama Regime are in spin mode, feeding information to John King at CNN that Obama somehow didn't know Joe Sestak was offered a job in exchange for not challenging Arlen Sphincter in the Democrat Primary for the Senate seat.

Kristinn at FreeRepublic writes:
In reports that appear to have been missed in the flurry of reporting this afternoon on the Obama administration's release of a cursory report on its in-house investigation on the administration's attempted bribery of Rep. Joe Sestak, CNN's John King reported that a White House source told him Barack Obama was kept in the dark about the bribe attempt until "recent days."

Posting on Twitter around 1 p.m. EDT, King reported in three Tweets what his sources were telling him about the unfolding scandal:

WH Source: prez didnt know about rahm/clinton/sestak talks until recent days; GOP pressing for more details. WH memo lacks important details. Source says COS Emanuel did not check with counsel office before enlisting Clinton. #sestak
Svl other WH aides knew of Emanuel/Clinton effort. WH memo doesn't mention. #sestak
King has not posted to his Twitter account since posting these three reports.
Is someone in the White House trying to create a case for Obama's innocence in the Sestak scandal? It sure looks that way. It's not credible, but it shows an acknowledgement by some in the Obama administration that Obama himself could be in serious trouble if he is found to have been involved in the Sestak bribe attempt.

This is looking more like the Watergate cover-up with each passing hour. (And we know how that ended.)
Yes it is, and it looks like some in the White House are making it so that Rahm Emmanuel "sleeps with the fishes," in order that "The Won" escapes this scandal unscathed.

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