Sunday, May 30, 2010

While Obama Attacks Arizona; Mexican Drug Cartel Pirates Terrorize Fishermen On South Texas Lake

President Barack Hussein Obama and his Party of Treason (Democrats) have sided with Mexico in regards to Arizona doing what the Federal Government refuses to do--secure the border. Obama won't even meet with Governor Jan Brewer next week in Washington.

Meanwhile, not only are suspected terrorists possibly crossing the Texas/Mexico border, Mexican drug cartels are emboldened by this lack of security on our borders (Washington ComPost).
ZAPATA, TEX. -- Falcon Lake is famous for its monster bass and for the maniacal obsession of the fishermen who come from all over Texas -- and the world -- to stalk them. Now this remote reservoir that straddles the international boundary is known for something else: pirates.

In the past month, crews of outlaws in a small armada of banged-up skiffs and high-powered bass boats launched from the Mexican shore have ambushed bass anglers from the Texas side innocently casting their plastic worms over favorite spots. The buccaneers have struck in Mexican waters but within sight of the Texas shore.

Dressed in black, the pirates brandish automatic weapons, carry radio cellphones and board the anglers' boats. They demand weapons or drugs from their captives, but
finding neither, seem satisfied with taking $400 or $500 as booty, according to law enforcement officials and victims' accounts.

There is a saying about not messing with Texas, and the idea that criminals are preying on American anglers is raising already-high temperatures along the southwest border. Answering calls for help, President Obama last week ordered 1,200 National Guard troops to the region.

The pirates claim to be "federales," or police, but instead are brigands -- with the letter "Z" tattooed on their necks and arms -- from the notorious drug cartel Los Zetas. The Zetas are on a rampage of killing and extortion along the Mexican border as they fight gun and grenade battles against the military and the rival Gulf Cartel.
Video below from last week by San Antonio TV station KENS.

The problem is, these 1,200 National Guard troops are unarmed, and Obama is following the orders of the Mexican President, Felipe Cabron, as to what to use them for.

Sorry, President Thin-Skinned, this is a problem that "immigration reform" will not fix. It takes a leader who is willing to stand up for our sovereignty and protect our citizens from invasion. Something you will not do.

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