Friday, May 28, 2010

The Two Faces of Jon Soltz

This Ain't Hell writes that one voice was strangely silent over the revelations that Connecticut Attorney General (and Democrat US Senate Candidate) Richard (Dick) Blumenthal lied about serving in Vietnam.

According to Politico:
A spokesman for the left-leaning VoteVets group said Jon Soltz, the group’s chairman, was unavailable for comment on the matter because he’s on active duty and isn’t allowed to talk about politics.
That was last week, this was "I am The Troops" Soltz yesterday talking about politics while on active duty:

VoteVets, in case you're not aware, has more to do with supporting far-Left Democrats and their liberal agenda than it does supporting our troops. In other words, it's all a show. Check out this example of how they use our military to advance the liberal agenda.

If Soltz is really on active duty, maybe someone should report him to his superior, like he threatened one Iraq Vet back in 2007. And no wonder Soltz the Partisan is silent about Dick Blumenthal, who now has the liberals circling the wagons around him. Liberals have proven time and again how much they love phony soldiers. Just look at Tom Harkin.

Soltz, you're such a douchebag!

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