Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Times Square Bombing Suspect Arrested, Trying To Flee To Pakistan. Registered Democrat?

Caught trying to leave the US for Pakistan, and his plane was forced back to the gate. Much to the disappointment of MSNBC, it's not a white male teabagger (CBS).
Faisal Shahzad, the American citizen arrested as the only suspect in the attempted car bombing of Times Square, apparently got spooked by media reports and was arrested late Monday night at New York's JFK International Airport trying to flee to his native Pakistan.

Shahzad's flight to Dubai had already pushed back from the gate and was forced to return, a law enforcement source tells CBS News correspondent Bob Orr. He was booked on a connecting flight to Pakistan.

Investigators believe Shahzad was travelling alone. The New York Times reports his age as 30 years old.

The law enforcement official told Orr that Shahzad has known connections in Pakistan, but the nature of those connections - whether they are family, friends or individuals associated with any of the Asian nation's terrorist groups - remains unclear.

At least two videos have surfaced showing leaders of the Pakistani Taliban claiming responsibility for the attempted bombing. Those claims were initially dismissed but a Pakistani government official tells CBS News' Farhan Bokhari that U.S. intelligence officials have been in contact with their Pakistani counterparts as part of the ongoing investigation.
Shahzad became a naturalized US citizen in April 2009. SI Live in Staten Island, NY says he had a wife in Pakistan (or, as Obama says, Pock-EE-ston) and he had "recently returned from a five month trip" there. What was a new US citizen doing in Pakistan for five months?

A local Connecticut news station went to his neighborhood and interviewed a neighbor, who said he and his family kept to themselves. They left their house in July and it had been foreclosed by the bank.

His most recent address has been investigated in Bridgeport, CT. The reporter in the video below notes at the end of her report that the video of the Pakistan Taliban claiming responsibility was posted in Connecticut.

Zawya/Dow Jones noted three people were pulled off a Dubai bound flight. Who were the other two?

Michael Bloomberg, where's your apology?

Wonder if the Terrorist friendly AG Eric Holder is making sure the attempted bomber is Mirandized and getting lawyered up, so that he won't be able to reveal valuable intelligence.

Atlas Shrugs found video showing that members of the Revolution Muslim website were in Times Square earlier.
At the end of her post, she notes at allegations that the suspect is a registered Democrat in the state of Connecticut who may be an Obama donor.

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