Saturday, May 29, 2010

Speculation: Obama To Show Up In Chicago For Premier Of Play Entitled "The Good Negro"

Since President Thin-Skinned is skipping Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, in favor of hanging at his mansion in Chicago, what else is more important than honoring those who've sacrificed for our nation?

How about some race baiting? Some are speculating that Obama may show up at a play entitled "The Good Negro." (Chicago Breaking News, via Washington Examiner).
According to a White House official, the Obamas will arrive Thursday and stay until Monday, when Obama will participate in a Memorial Day ceremony at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood. The veterans' cemetery is about 50 miles south of Chicago.

A top adviser to Obama, David Axelrod, recently took in a play at the Goodman Theatre about the civil rights movement, and that has some speculating that the Obamas will show up for "The Good Negro," which is making its Chicago premiere.

Denise Schneider, the Goodman's publicity director, said the Obamas have patronized the theater in the past, and the president is known to have a high regard for the play's director, Chuck Smith, who is one of the city's top African-American directors. The play is a fictional examination of civil rights leaders including the Revs. Martin Luther King Jr. and Ralph Abernathy.
So this (and a Paul McCartney concert next week) is more important than being in our nation's Capital on Memorial Day weekend? And you libs, don't try to tell me, "well, so and so President wasn't at Arlington." This is a time of war and the Commander in Chief is showing his utter contempt for our military by going on vacation.

Maybe he'll show up tomorrow for a sermon by the Racist Reverend Jeremiah "G*d Damn America" Wright about "white folks greed."

For a guy who campaigned on the idea of being a transcendent President, he, like most liberals, shows he's only focused on dividing America by race, class, ethnicity, etc; instead uniting us.

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