Monday, May 03, 2010

"Mostly Peaceful" Illegal Alien Rallies Promote Retaking The Southwest, Violence, & Communism. Counterprotesters In San Francisco Assualted

I mentioned the anarchy and vandalism that happened in Santa Cruz, CA on Saturday night, after the May Day pro-Illegal Alien protests earlier in the day, but there's more to the story.

While described by the lapdog media as "mostly peaceful" the rallies had signs which promoted violent revolution, retaking the Southwest United States and Communism.

These are some of the photos collected by Doug Ross.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, as reported by The City Square, there were about 40 counterprotesters from the Golden Gate Minutemen. Some of them were attacked by the illegal alien protesters on their way to the BART station. Three of the Minutemen were injured and two of the pro-illegal crowd were arrested.
Some of the photos The City Square took are below. Che Guevara was everywhere among the pro-illegal crowd.
Here's when they tried to rush the 40 Minutemen.

Here's a video of the pro-illegal crowd taunting the Minutemen about "salsa" and "frijoles," claiming they'll "pray for them tomorrow." Right! After you beat them up today?

Notice the signs were made by International ANSWER, the supposed "anti-war" group which is really a Communist front organization (Workers World Party).
It wouldn't be a Left wing protest in San Francisco without the Commies setting up a table, especially on their holiday.

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