Friday, May 14, 2010

LA Based Radio Host Dennis Prager Says "Boycott Los Angeles" (& Austin, TX As Well)

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager had a lot to say after the city council of the Sanctuary City of Los Angeles voted to have an economic boycott of Arizona for doing what the city refuses to do: enforce immigration laws (ExpertClick, via FreeRepublic).
...Prager was apoplectic about such a dumb move by a City Council whose liberal Democrat policies have devastated the city of Los Angeles by driving businesses away, discouraging further investment, soaking the population with taxes that discourage economic growth and passing regulations that do nothing but wreck the productive population which pay their salaries and those of city worker unions who own the Council lock, stock and barrel.

For two hours on Thursday, May 13, Prager exhorted his national audience to cancel all travel plans to Los Angeles and San Francisco as well, a city whose empty headed Mayor, Pretty Boy Newsom (AKA "Greasy Gavin"), has also elected to punish Arizona for enforcing Federal Laws that both cities should be enforcing themselves. San Francisco, another city that has been destroyed by left wing policies, is overrun with pan-handling bums (who also shit in the streets), illegal alien criminals and is protected, or not protected, by a police force so overrun with political correctness and incompetence they couldn't handle a group unruly elementary school children.

When Los Angeles City Employee Union officials tell the Los Angeles Mayor or City Council members to eat their lunch off the floor, these pets do just that, and now the Council has chosen to throw away from money from Arizona companies that is desperately needed as the City of Los Angeles faces unfunded pension obligations of over 500 billion dollars. Two Arizona airlines alone bring in $22-million to Los Angeles International Airport.

Prager, along with a number of other local hosts such as Tammy Bruce, Kevin James and John Phillips are absolutely dumbfounded at how stupid Ed Reyes, the sponsor of the measure, and the other 11 members who voted for the bill must be to waste time on such self-destructive policies. Councilman Greg Smith was the lone dissenter in the Los Angeles City Soviet style Politburo, a man of good sense in a sea of dunderheads. Reyes uttered the most stupid phrase of the proceedings by saying, "I need a passport to go to Arizona."

In a bit of irony, they have passed laws for clean energy trucks to operate in the Los Angeles Port facilities, but those trucks are manufactured in Arizona. Brilliant.
In another act of boneheaded stupidity, members of the Highland Park School Board are blocking a high school girls basketball team from attending a basketball tournament in Arizona for "safety reasons,." as well as the new law. However, the school has allowed student trips to Communist China. Go figure.

Sarah Palin mentioned a Facebook page set up yesterday to support these basketball players. You can also Contact Dist. 113 Superintendent George Fornero -- or (224) 765-2000 -- or Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson -- or (224) 765-1016 (be polite) to let them know how you feel about them taking this opportunity away from these young girls.

I see also that my birthplace, the City of Austin Texas, has joined in the bash Arizona crowd. Well, screw them! I guess we'll skip going to Austin anytime soon. That beautiful city has been overrun by the Commie-fornia crowd who brought their liberalism and snotty attitudes from the West Coast.

So, this native Austinite is calling for a boycott Austin as well. Let Sixth Street go broke and force so many of those wannabe musicians to get real jobs!

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