Saturday, May 29, 2010

Joe Sestak Interview: "I'll Let Others Decide" (If White House Committed A Crime)

Independent journalist Christopher Freind interviewed Joe Sestak on Wednesday about the whole Sestakgate scandal, link to audio below (Friendly Fire Zone, via FreeRepublic).


FREIND: "U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, one of the highest ranking Democcrats in the Senate, has publicly said that you need to come clean....

...Clearly, someone isn't telling the whole truth.

If this was a quid pro quo arrangement, (which by your words it would seem to be), that would be against the Number 1, (if that is the case) do you let the White House get away with that crime, and Number 2, could your silence be construed as obstruction, of aiding and abetting?

SESTAK: I don't really care what Dick Durbin says....he's the Establishment of Washington, D.C. I appreciate Dick Durbin. But I've already demonstrated that when the Establishment thinks it can dictate what's right for Pennsylvanians....who have lost hundreds of thousands of jobs...I'm not going to let Washington or anyone else dictate what I'm going to speak about....

I answered this question honestly. Others have to stand up for their accountability and what their role is..."

FREIND: Do you think they (the White House) committed a crime?

SESTAK: I'll let others decide that...

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