Thursday, May 06, 2010

Houston TX Student Suspended For Removing Mexican Flag Flying Higher Than The US Flag

The political correctness apparently isn't just limited to the Bay Area, it's also in Houston, TX (Micahel Berry, NewsRadio 740).
Yesterday, a listener’s son was offended that his school, Klein Collins High School, displayed the Mexican flag prominently. His mother called to complain, and the school wouldn’t return her call. The student took the sign down.

The school pitched a fit, reviewed the surveillance tapes, found the student, and suspended him for 3 days. AND he has to pay for the flag. In light of the SF story of students sent home for wearing the AMERICAN flag because it offended the Hispanic students, I thought you’d like to know about a story closer to home.

Right here in our community. Feel free to let the school know what you think. You pay their salaries.

Klein Collins High School (832) 484.5500. Assistant Principal handling the case: Mr. Shelly Dick. Seriously.

Call Mr. Dick and let him have it. The Superintendent is Jim Cain.

You realize, I assume, that if a student removed – or even burned – the AMERICAN flag, they wouldn’t do anything about it, I’ll bet.
Is it just me but what in the Hell has happened to this nation, when our flag and nation is disrespected and the flags of other nations are given more respect?


Seeker said...

Please know, this is not an invasion of Texas only. These young men were suspended from school in California for being patriotic (Americans) on Cinco De Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is not a holiday in Mexico even. Had you asked any student of Hispanic heritage why this day is important to them as indiviuals, I highly doubt any could tell you that it was the day that the battle of Puebla was won. A battle, not the war. Please contact the ACLU or local news agencies. I for one, am tired of having my rights trampled by those who are either here illegally or who refuse to adapt to the AMERICAN way of life. My ancestors learned the language and confirmed to the rules. For more than 7 generations we have served in the military in one capacity or another. I am still willing to willing to fight if need be! GO USA!!!

Seeker said...

sorry I should have read your entire blog before I went off all fired up! I still feel the same way though.

Anonymous said...

one of the few time I agree with Bill Clinton: "What is up should be down and what is down should be up".

Anonymous said...

i hope whoever the principal of this school,that suspended this student loses their job

Raul Capeda said...

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