Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Eight Arrested in Pakistan For Times Square Car Bomb, Right As Obama Tries To Redefine War On Terror As "Violent Extremists" NOT "Muslim Terrorists"

CBS News is reporting eight more people overseas are being held in the attempt by registered Democrat Faisal Shahzad to blow up a car bomb in Times Square.

Sources tell CBS News that multiple people have been taken into custody for questioning in Pakistan in connection with the Times Square bomb plot.

Authorities are not saying who the potential suspects are or where they are being held, but they say there were raids Monday night and Tuesday morning in different locations. It's believed between four and eight people are being held, and there are reports that some of them may be related to the suspect arrested overnight in New York.
I just heard on Rush Limbaugh's show how the incompetent Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, was so eager to label the attempted bomber yesterday as possibly a Tea Party member. Today, he's saying we shouldn't profile Muslims or Pock-EE-Stanis. Bloomberg should apologize publicly and resign.

This plot comes at the Obama Administration was about to release a new National Security Strategy Report that says "violent extremists" NOT "Muslim (or Islamofascist) terrorists" are the cause of the cause of terrorism.

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