Sunday, May 23, 2010

Djou Wins Hawaii Congressional Seat In Obama's Hometown

Here's some Hope and Change for you, from President Thin-Skinned's hometown in Hawaii.

Charles Djou, who is also a Captain in the Army Reserves, won a special election yesterday for the Congressional Seat held by Neil Abercrombie.

Two Democrats split 58 percent of the vote, after Obama and the Party of Treason could not decide which of the two candidates to support.

Guest blogger Doug Powers, writing at Michelle Malkin's site, says:
The top two Dems got 58% of the vote, so obviously the GOP still has their work cut out for them if they’re going to retain the seat in November, but the trend is assuring if you’re a Republican. In 2008, Obama won 70% of Hawaii’s 1st district, and McCain 20%. In that district’s House election in 2008, the Republican only received 17.4% of the vote. A Republican (and a conservative at that) now getting almost 40% of the vote in that district less than two years after “Hope & Change” swept in on promises of gumdrops, unicorns and rainbows for everyone can’t be very comforting to the DNC.

Even though the Democrats are going to cling to hanging on to Murtha’s seat and the fact that their voters were split between two candidates in Hawaii yesterday as evidence that voters aren’t turning on them, privately some of them are reaching for the Kaopectate.
Even though this is a heavily lib district, the vote rise for the GOP is significant. Still, Republicans need to caution about getting too cocky and effectively combat the liberal Democrat's strategy of running conservative and then becoming a Pelosi lapdog.

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