Monday, May 03, 2010

The Difference Between The Tea Parties & The Pro-Illegal Alien May Day Rallies

To follow up on the post earlier about the pro-illegal alien May Day rallies, here's a video by SecularStupidest from YouTube that illustrates the difference between the maligned Tea Party movement and the rallies over the weekend.
Conservatives could lampoon an immigration reform rally the way left-wing pundits, commentators, entertainers, and politicians ridicule the tea party movement. Yes, this rally was comprised of nearly all one color participants, or monochromatic as they like to say of us. There were plenty of fat people, and upside down and misspelled signs. The speakers were angry, and the signs were more extreme than Tea Party signs, pathetically so. According to their signs, Arizona and other states and counties have become equal to Apartheid, Nazi Germany, Genocide, and Jim Crow. Really!?! Is this even remotely attached to reality?

...this protest could be laughed off in the sophomoric, immature way the Libs mock the Tea Parties. But there was a much more shocking aspect to this protest: the open promotion and acceptance of the most radical communism, leftist revolution, and militancy. In contrast, the Tea Parties are strongly patriotic, filled with a sea of American flags, each event starting with the pledge of allegiance to the flag, the National Anthem, and often prayer. The events are filled with patriotic songs, and expressions of gratitude to the police, the military, and those who protect us, and are replete with references to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Founding Fathers. Not here! There were few flags, no pledge, no prayer, no national anthem. Instead, many participants were busy reading and passing along to one another the most extreme communist literature.

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