Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cradle Robber Woody Allen: It Would Be Great If Obama Were Dictator For A Few Years

Gateway Pundit was notified to this article from La Vanguardia, from the Cannes Film Festival from a reader who translated from Spanish to English.

Essentially, Woody Allen, the washed up movie director who married his former lover's adopted daughter, is so drunk on the Obama Kool-Aid he thinks The Anointed One should be dictator for a few years. I confirmed it with Bing Translator.

Woody Allen is a "big fan" of the U.S. President, Barack Obama, to the point that it considers that it should be a dictator for a few years to carry out all the plans have. "I am delighted with Obama, I think that it is great". "The Republican party should remove their way and stop trying to hurt you", said Allen asserted in an interview with Spanish media at the Cannes Film Festival, where he has introduced, out of competition, his latest film, You Will Meet to Tall Dark Stranger.

In his view, the current U.S. President is "brilliant" and is getting to do good things. Why "would be good - added - if you could be a dictator for some years, because it could do a lot of good things quickly".

Hey Woody, stick to making movies. Oh yeah, you haven't made a decent one since at least 1989. And if you want a socialist dictatorship, go live in Cuba. Maybe they like guys there who marry child brides.

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