Saturday, May 29, 2010

AZ Gov. Brewer Suspends State's Democrat Attorney General From Defending SB 1070

There's a sudden shakeup in Arizona's defense of SB 1070, the bill which cracks down on illegal immigration. Governor Jan Brewer has suspended the Democrat Attorney General of Arizona, Terry Goddard, from defending the law from possible challenges from the InJustice Department (LA Times).

Late Friday night as the Memorial Day weekend began, Arizona's Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, in effect, suspended the state's Democratic attorney general from defending the new law in upcoming legal challenges. The measure, known as S.B.
1070, is due to take effect this summer and, among other things, allows local police under federal guidelines to check the immigration status of people they stop.

The governor's abrupt action against Terry Goddard, her likely Democratic opponent in this fall's gubernatorial election, came after months of disputes between the two and at the end of a long day of legal maneuvering in both Arizona and the nation's capital.

As the state's chief lawyer, Goddard would be expected to take the lead in defending Arizona against challenges to the Legislature's action, which erupted after years of state frustration with the federal government's inability to secure the state border
with Mexico against illegal immigrants, drugs and criminals.

However, Goddard has vocally opposed the measure, so much so that the Legislature gave the governor advance authority to hire outside legal counsel.

On Friday, Goddard met with the Obama administration's Atty. Gen. Eric Holder in Washington, then held a news conference just hours before Brewer's handpicked attorneys were to meet with Holder, an outspoken critic of the law.

...Seeing apparent collusion between the two Democrat lawyers, Brewer pulled the plug Friday night.

Her statement (full text below) said:

Due to Attorney General Goddard’s curious coordination with the U.S. Department of Justice today and his consistent opposition to Arizona’s new immigration laws, I will direct my legal team to defend me and the State of Arizona rather than the Attorney General in the lawsuits challenging Arizona’s immigration laws.

Despite widespread criticism in the media and the Obama administration, whose officials including Holder admitted they had not actually read the legislation, numerous polls have shown deep support for the measure nationally and within Arizona.

Obviously, Brewer smelled a rat and did the right thing, and I'm sure the liberals are going to be crying fowl. Too bad! Goddard had something up his sleeve and was putting his own ideology and party loyalty before his job of defending the state's law.

If you want to find leadership in 2012, look no further than Jan Brewer, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. Any of these three should run for President and Vice President. They certainly have more balls than all the eunuchs in the GOP combined.

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