Saturday, May 22, 2010

Arizona SB 1070 Similar To Three Year Old Prince William Co. Virginia Law Cracking Down On Illegals. Result? NO Racial Profiling

For all the fear mongering from liberals, the anti-American Obama Administration and their lapdogs in the media about Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law SB 1070, no one has bothered to look at how a similar law worked in nearby Prince William County, Virginia.

From KOLD-13 News.
For the last three years, a county in Virginia has remained under the radar in the immigration debate even though it has a law almost identical to Arizona's immigration law.

The ordinance in Prince William County was passed in 2007. It initially required police to check the status of detainees they suspected of being undocumented immigrants but one year later it was revised.

Officers now question all criminal suspects about their immigration status once an arrest is made.

In 2008, the University of Virginia conducted a survey to see what effects, if any, the Prince William County law had. It concluded initial fears about racial profiling did not happen.

It also show that schools saw a drop in English as a second language enrollment. There was also a drop in uninsured mothers giving birth and individuals turned over to immigration and customs enforcement.
Wow! So all the trumped up concerns about racial profiling were just fear-mongering. Maybe the liberals should read this article, but then again, they haven't read the Arizona law.

As for the residency status being asked, guess what, Mr. Obama, if you're crossing a US Border Checkpoint at 100 miles inside the United States, chances will be profiled. When I was a college student, driving from the Rio Grande Valley to Kingsville, TX, I was questioned by the Border Patrol if I was a US citizen (even though I'm clearly a gringo) and where I was headed. Some family friends who were in law enforcement told me I fit the profile the Border Patrol had of young, college age people who could be smuggling drugs in their car. There were a few times I had random searches of my 82 Ford Mustang (along with others in line).

If I were a liberal, I suppose I should have found an ACLU attorney and sued for profiling.

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