Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Billboard Hits Obama's Failed Presidency: "I Need A Freakin Job"

On the heels of other anti-Obama billboards, another one is taking aim at the economic failures of President Thin-Skinned (UPI).
A group of jobless New York state residents has erected a billboard aimed at U.S. President Barack Obama with the message: "I need a freakin' job. Period."

The southbound I-190 billboard, created by a group of Buffalo residents led by Jeff Baker, featured four young adults standing with the message emblazoned on their T-shirts, WIVB-TV, Buffalo, N.Y., reported Tuesday.

"I need a freakin' job. We could fancy this up, put lipstick on it, make it all pretty, but it isn't. The concept of unemployment is isolating," said Baker, whose small business went under 15 months ago.

He said the message targets Obama because he wants the president to take action on unemployment.

"Nothing else matters unless the American people are working," Baker said.

Mr. Baker obviously didn't get the memo circulated by the lapdog media. The President is taking action on unemployment--it went up to 9.9 percent, which That One and the lapdogs say is worth celebrating. And, Obama doesn't want America working, because it makes us less dependent on Government.

For all the propaganda from this Administration, Democrats and the lapdog media about the so-called "recovery," there's a lot of ignoring the real story about what real people are going through.


missiondweller said...

Oh the irony! The Dems are once again, putting through another jobs killing version of Cap-n-trade.

Anonymous said...

as you'd expect, the plans to reduce "too big to fail" are already so obscure, that they will soon disappear.

Anonymous said...

"And, Obama doesn't want America working, because it makes us less dependent on Government."
hmm, the current party in power wants poor employment rates. yeah, that makes a lot of sense to a looper.
so readily you outed yourself.

knowledge is power said...

What a waste of money. Billboards cost at least $10k+. That money could have been better spent putting orgone out there to combat chemtrails and elf waves coming from cell phone towers.