Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why Aren't Carl Levin & Democrats Forced To Testify Under Oath About That "S**tty Deal" Known As Obamacare?

The ultimate hypocrisy happened today.

Goldman Sachs officials went up to Capitol Hill to undergo a star chamber type trial by a group of blowhards known as the United States Senate.

The King Inquisitor was Carl Levin, the lib Senator from Michigan, who has a penchant of using these type of hearings to act like a blowhard for the cameras, with his reading glasses dangling on the end of his nose--bullying, interrupting, berating (and profane...dropping the "s" bomb several times today)--making Bill O'Reilly look as gentle as a puppy.

Look, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to defend the Goldman Sachs guys, and say they did nothing wrong. Sure, there are a few in business who are corrupt and scam artists, who walk away like fat cats while the little guys get shafted. Punish them, when they are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, I don't not subscribe to the liberal point of view that anyone and everyone who makes a profit is evil; that someone else loses when a legitimate profit is made, and that government must come in like a knight on a white horse to create a level playing field.

But for all the hoopla over Goldman Sachs (who have a plethora of ties with Democrats and Obama), why isn't our Congress ever held to the same standards these blowhards in the Senate held that company's officials publicly today?

Case in point--Obamacare. To quote the bloward Levin, that was a "s**tty deal!" The Obama Administration and Democrats told us over and over that Obamacare would not increase costs or add more to the deficit (though most Americans didn't buy that "s**tty deal"). What happened? We find out today that they suppressed a report from Health and Human Services saying it was a "s**tty deal," one month AFTER they voted to approve that "s**tty deal," with most of them not even bothering to read the fine print. But they knew it was a "s**tty deal" and passed it anyway.

If the Democrats were in business instead of Congress, they'd be questioned and perhaps jailed for sexing up all the numbers to pass their "s**tty deal." Instead, they're not held accountable. They can retire or get deservedly voted out of office, and yet collect their government pension plus gold-plated benefits while the rest of us have to undo the "s**tty deal" they stuck us with.

Just once, I'd love to see Levin and these other self-righteous clowns forced to answer some questions, if only we had Senators and Representatives who took their oaths seriously.

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