Thursday, April 08, 2010

Video Of That Hateful, Racist Protest In DC On March 20

No, I'm not talking about the phony (and proven false) allegations that Tea Party members screamed "nigger" at black Congressman.

There was another protest in DC that day, protesting the start of the Iraq War. Jonn Lilyea was there as well that day and has followed the story about the IVAW scum Matthis Chrioux burning the US flag.

A post a FreeRepublic alerted me to the video below of highlights from this anti-American rally. I only watched a few seconds of it, up until that granola crunching, mothball smelling suit Ralph Nader came on.

At about 39 seconds into the hear a chant from the marchers that sounds like "Jews Out Now!"

And...unlike the "n-word" chant that wasn't, this was caught on video.

Other than Bernie Goldberg mentioning the hateful nature of the protest (the flag burning), last night on The Laura Ingraham Factor, as well as the blogosphere, you haven't heard about this extremism anywhere in the lapdog media. They made this protest sound instead like it was more patriotic and grassroots that the anti-Obamacare rally.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the allegations of racist shouts from Tea Party protesters: The absence of proof is not the same as proving something false.