Tuesday, April 06, 2010

South Texas Churches Receive Threats On Easter Sunday

In deep South Texas, three churches in the tiny town of Rio Hondo received threatening letters on Easter Sunday (Brownsville Herald).

Rio Hondo Police Chief Humberto Barrera said three churches received letters with threats before the religious holiday, but declined to elaborate further on the case so as to not jeopardize the investigation, he said.

"We were looking at possible suspects," he said. "It is an ongoing investigation."

On Easter Sunday, parishioners saw Cameron County Sheriff’s deputies, constables and Rio Hondo police officers patrolling and guarding St. Helen’s Catholic Church and First Baptist Church.
KGBT 4 says La Trinidad Assembly of God also received one of the letters.

Of course, if this had been some liberal organization receiving threats, it would be national news with liberal news anchors falling all over themselves to connect blame to those "teabaggers." Churches apparently don't qualify, as the irreligious lapdog media networks used Easter Sunday to bash institutions like the Catholic Church.

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