Wednesday, April 07, 2010

More Proof Obama Is Soft On Terror, Removing "Islamic Radicalism" From Security Strategy

How can you fight and win a war when you refuse to recognize who your enemy is?

That's what the soft-on-terror Obama Administration is doing, blurring the lines about who has been behind recent terror attacks against the United States (AP via Brietbart).
President Barack Obama's advisers plan to remove terms such as "Islamic radicalism" from a document outlining national security strategy and will use the new version to emphasize that the U.S. does not view Muslim nations through the lens of terrorism, counterterrorism officials say.
The change would be a significant shift in the National Security Strategy, a document that previously outlined the Bush Doctrine of preventive war. It currently states, "The struggle against militant Islamic radicalism is the great ideological conflict of the early years of the 21st century."

The officials described the changes on condition of anonymity because the document
is still being written and is unlikely to be released for weeks, and the White House would not discuss it. But rewriting the strategy document is the latest example of Obama putting his stamp on U.S. foreign policy, as with his promises to dismantle nuclear weapons and limit the situations in which they can be used.

The revisions are part of a larger effort about which the White House talks openly, one that seeks to change not just how the U.S. talks to Muslim nations, but also what it talks to them about, from health care and science to business startups and education.

That shift away from terrorism has been building for a year, since Obama went to Cairo and promised a "new beginning" in the relationship between the U.S. and the Muslim world. The White House believes the previous administration based that relationship entirely on fighting terrorism and winning the war of ideas.

"You take a country where the overwhelming majority are not going to become terrorists, and you go in and say, 'We're building you a hospital so you don't become terrorists.' That doesn't make much sense," National Security Council staffer Pradeep Ramamurthy said.

Ramamurthy runs the administration's Global Engagement Directorate, a four-person National Security Council team that Obama launched last May with little fanfare and a vague mission to use diplomacy and outreach "in pursuit of a host of national security objectives." Since then, the division has not only helped change the vocabulary of fighting terrorism, but also has shaped the way the country invests in Muslim businesses, studies global warming, supports scientific research and combats polio.
This is just plain nuts! Reading this story, it's apparent this flawed strategy is out of the "they attack us because they're poor and oppressed" and "we lack empathy" thinking used by the left (and Obama, who stated as much after 9/11).

Never mind the 9/11 hijackers, the attempted underwear bomber, and the leaders of al-Queda come from wealthy or middle class backgrounds. Never mind also that the US siding with Muslims in the Kosovo operation, and the lack of force against Islamic terror attacks in the 1990s didn't prevent 9/11 from happening. For that matter, all of "That One's" goodwill towards Islam did not prevent the Arkansas Recruiting Station shooting, the Ft. Hood Jihadist's killing spree and the attempted bombing of NWA flight 253 on Christmas Day.

It isn't about wealth inequality, health care or any of that other feel good stuff. What liberals and too many here in America won't recognize is that radical Islamists view this as a religious war.

Unfortunately, too many Democrats and this Administration view the Tea Party and their ideological opponents as terrorists and the nation's real enemy, NOT the radical religious ideology that has attacked and still plots terrorist attacks on this nation.

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