Monday, April 05, 2010

The Latest Spin On The Phony "N-Word" Allegations...Cameras With Better Microphones Would Have Picked It Up

Doug Ross, via Gateway Pundit, has been doing a great job (along with Jack Cashill and Andrew Breitbart) of exposing the whole phony allegation that the "n-word" was used by Tea Party members on March 20th against members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Ross spoke over the weekend with Lauren Victoria Burke, unofficial CBC blogger who first Twittered the claim. How does Burke spin it? (excerpts)

It's not completely shocking that one person out of 2,000 could have said that. If you told me that pro-life demonstrators did it, I'd have a harder time believing it. I don't understand why it's so shocking. I find it difficult to believe that John Lewis and Andre Carson made up this lie.

...I really don't know if the sound any particular sound would be picked up. Remember, a lot of these are flip-phones or small digital cameras, not exactly heavy-duty professional microphones. One thing that doesn't come across is is how loud it was out there.

A unidirectional mike wouldn't necessarily capture it. It was a wall of sound and, while some of the tapes I've heard are better than others, I'm not that impressed by the theory advanced by Mr. Hannity and Mr. Breitbart that it had to be recorded to have happened.

...And when you have 2,000 people [Ed: I've seen reputable estimates of 15,000], the way the Tea Party should have played it... actually, the way they did play it, is that a single person could have done anything. But even the spitting incident that no one's disputing, including the Capitol police.
But there's one problem: Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver, who was the recipient of the "spit" said last weekend he never claimed anyone spit on him.

I don't buy it. I think this idea that hand-held cameras or flip phones could not have picked up if anyone used that word is bogus. On the 48 second tape I shot of the CBC coming through the crowd, some people have commented to claim they hear the word at around the 44 second mark. I've gone back and listened and was able to pick up the words "LIAR" and "CROOK" said at that time. Also, I shot other footage that day, especially one on the side of the Capitol where my camera was able to pick up individual comments. Besides this protest, I've used my camera to make pretty good recordings of live bands play in a small live music/restaurant venue, and the recordings come out sounding pretty good.

Remember Michael Richards' (Seinfeld) career-ending rant in an LA comedy club where he shouted the "n-word?" That was filmed with some sort of handheld camera. Sure, he was using a microphone, but the camera was able to capture the banter between patrons upstairs who yelled at Richards.

There's no doubt that John Lewis and others, during the days of segregation, went through a lot of things that should happen to no one, but their work and the work of others who wanted to right the injustices of discrimination based on race paid off. No one denies that, and we owe gratitude to Lewis and others for their work during that time.

What is wrong, however, is the use of race by Lewis and others (mostly on the Left side) as an issue to divide Americans or scare them away from certain policies or candidates by race-baiting. Lewis has been guilty of this. In 2008, after the McCain campaign had an ad about Obama's friendship with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, Lewis said:
"During another period, in the not-too-distant past, there was a governor of a state of Alabama named George Wallace who also became a presidential candidate. George Wallace never threw a bomb. He never fired a gun, but he created the climate and conditions that encouraged vicious attacks against innocent Americans who were simply trying to exercise their Constitutional rights. Because of this atmosphere of hate, four little girls were killed on Sunday morning when a church was bombed in Birmingham, Alabama."
Lewis and the CBC have been caught in a lie, and are desperately trying to spin their way out.

And speaking of slurs, Burke uses the homophobic slur "teabagger" against the Tea Partiers in the interview.

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missiondweller said...

Great job exposing the lies!

Their attempt to gain support via a modern day "Reichstag burning" has failed to gain them sympathy and support for the unpopular health care reform. Unfortunatelt MSNBC still reports it as fact any many Americans won't know the difference.