Monday, April 26, 2010

Illegal Alien Supporters & Liberals Get Violent Protesting New Arizona Immigration Law; Lapdog Media & Bill Clinton Silent

You won't see this on your network news channel because it wasn't footage of a tea party that CNN, MSNBC or Bill Clinton could point to and allege violence and racism.

On Friday, when a bill became law in the State of Arizona to crack down on illegal immigration, advocates of those who've broken our immigration laws turned violent.

First two videos are from Flopping Aces. Rocks and bottles are thrown at police who are leading a man away opposed to the marchers. Shouts of "Get the white boy" can be heard as well.

Here's the overhead shot:

This video is from YouTube of the illegal alien supporters surrounding police who were making an arrest.

Gateway Pundit linked to this video showing a photographer who was assaulted by one of the rally organizers.

The Phony Rev. Al Sharpton, the full-time race agitator best known for his anti-Semitic statements and the Tawana Brawley case, says he's prepared to commit civil disobedience over the law.

Paging Bill Clinton, Joan Walsh and all who've slandered the Tea Party as violent, racist's another example of a violent rally and threats of violence....on the Left! Where's your words of condemnation for this riot committed by Leftists?

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