Saturday, April 03, 2010

Democrat Thug Alan Grayson Threatens Action Against Anti-Obamacare Doctor

Alan Grayson, one of those named 2009 Asshole of the Year at this blog, is back doing dirty deeds. This time, he's aiming at the free speech of a Florida doctor who wanted to make a point about Obamacare (Fox News).
A spokesman for Rep. Alan Grayson, who angered Republicans last year when he said they wanted sick Americans to "die quickly," told that Florida Democrat is helping a constituent who was affected by the sign to file a complaint next week with the proper authorities. Grayson will also file additional complaints with all relevant boards or agencies, Grayson spokesman Todd Jurkowski said.

The notice on Dr. Jack Cassell's Mount Dora practice says, "If you voted for Obama, seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years."

Cassell told Fox News on Friday he wasn't refusing care to patients but wanted to educate them on how the new health care law would affect them.

"I came across the timeline for implementation of Obamacare and I got a little discouraged when I got to next year when I found that most of the ancillary services and nursing homes and diagnostic imaging, all these things start to fade away," he told Fox News' Neil Cavuto. "And I felt that my patients really need to know about this. And the more I thought about it, the angrier I got until I finally felt like I'm
going to put a little splash page on my front door and just get people thinking a little bit."
The unhinged Grayson was on Anderson Cooper's (DN)CNN show and, well, Cooper wasn't necessarily buying a lot of Grayson's arguments (NoLiburls).

ANDERSON COOPER: Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson ... Does it make sense what the doctor is saying? I mean, he's claiming he's not turning any patients away.

REP. ALAN GRAYSON (D), FLORIDA: He's a very confused individual, that much is obvious. But what he's doing clearly is a violation of the ethics rules that you cited earlier, the Hippocratic Oath, the rules of the AMA and it's at the expense of his patients in care.

What he is doing is no different from saying I will not treat a black person, I will not treat a Catholic.

COOPER: But wait, wait, wait a minute. I mean, I'm not taking a side, I'm not taking anybody's side in this, but just for accuracy's sake, he had said nothing about race and race is a protected category, I mean, there are -- it's illegal to discriminate someone based on race, but it's not illegal to say you don't want to treat somebody because you don't like their politics. Politics is not a protected class.

GRAYSON: Well, in fact, where he lives in Mount Dora (ph) which is in my district many, many of the Democrats who live in Mount Dora (ph) happen to be African-Americans. So by saying that he will not treat somebody who supported Obama, he's saying that he's not going to treat a large number of African-Americans in this community.

COOPER: But -- so you're saying race is at the core of that? Come on there is no evidence of that all.

GRAYSON: No, I'm saying -- I'm saying that it shows poor judgment. And the effect -- the effect of this will set us back as a country. That's why I'm disgusted by it.

COOPER: But again, he's not doing anything illegal.

GRAYSON: Well, that remains to be seen. He is licensed. There are licensing authorities who are going to look into what he's doing. And I hope that they'll take action because frankly I think a lot of people are disturbed just to go into his office.
He's turned his inner office, his reception area into some shrine of right wing nuttery (ph). And he said earlier today on Fox News that he's upset about the health care bill because it means that old people won't be able to go to nursing homes anymore.

COOPER: To critics of you, though, will say, well, look, this comes across as a partisan attack, that you're using the legal system or the medical ethics system to pressure
someone who doesn't agree with you.

GRAYSON: Well, that's not true.

COOPER: I mean, if this was an Obama supporter -- who put up a sign saying I don't like Republicans and Republicans should go elsewhere, would you be as outraged?

GRAYSON: I'm protecting the people in my district who deserve medical care even if they happen to have voted for Obama.
Easy, Rep. Grayson, maybe you'd better take a chill pill.

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