Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Charles "Icarus" Johnson Hits Bottom...Commences Digging

No link, of course, for the latest scream for attention noted by Weasel Zippers (screenshot below):
Doesn't matter that the "n-word" allegations have not been proved (except proven to be a falsehood), "Icarus" engages in the typical slander of Tea Party members as "racists," used by liberals.

That's when he's not looking at the Tennessee State Flag and claiming it's some sort of neo-Nazi flag.
Little Green Footballs?

Slander and falsehoods have become common place at a blog which was once a giant in the blogosphere, until Chuckles became consumed by a massive wave of paranoia. Just ask Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and R.S. McCain, who "Icarus" refers to as "white supremacist."

What started this paranoia? Is it the effect of too much of the wacky weed during his days as a "jazz" guitarist?

Sure, you can't say all musicians are dope smokers, but most of them do partake of various herbs and stimulants on the false belief that it gets the creative juices flowing.

So, if Chuckles continues to falsely label the Tea Party as "racists" and conservative bloggers as "neo-Nazi, white supremacists," perhaps we should apply the same standard to him, based on behavior he probably engaged in as a professional musician that has led to his state of psychotic paranoia.

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